$20 Dates

Whether you are trying to save money or just be wise with your money, $20 dates can still be special. 

Happiness isn't about what you are doing, but who you are with!

My husband and I are being more aware of where our money goes. Date nights are important to us, but we don't feel the need to spend a lot of money just to be together.  In our financial binder I have listed free dates and $20 date ideas. Make sure you list some new places you'd like to try!

There are plenty of $20 dates, so there is no excuse to waste money!!

 1. Share a dinner: Find new places to share a dish! Take a sunset walk afterwards. 

2. Drink and Dessert: Eat dinner at home. Find new places to share a drink and dessert.

3. Discount Movie: Enjoy a movie and popcorn! 

4. Take out Picnic: Pick something up to share and go to a park to enjoy some time together. 

5. Drive-In: Make something to eat at home to take with you. Buy some drinks or candy to eat during the movie, too.

6. Coffee Date: Visit a coffee shop and get a drink and pastry. Sit in the corner and talk real talk!

7. Electronic Free Date: (only phone for emergency for kids sake) pick any kind of date and determine to not use any devices att all, even for social media. (honestly, this should be for every date) 

8. Photography Date: Take your camera and capture the most beautiful photos around your city.  Make your own photo scavenger hunt, like: I Love Memphis murals / A.Scwab Soda Fountain and photo booth / Atop the Bass Pro Pyramid / biking down the Greenline / playing at Overton Park/  Fun at the Zoo

9. Rec Room Barcade: play games and eat from a food truck or vending

10. Free Museum Day(Pink Palace, Rock N Soul) Or Brooks pay-what-you-can: Eat an appetizer out afterwards.

11. Pink Palace IMAX movie: take some snacks. If you go on Tuesday after 1pm, it's free for the museum.

12. Jerry's Sno-Cones: Get a Jerry's burger!! Share it and get your own sno-cone. 

13. Playhouse on the Square: has pay what you can Thursdays! 

14. Dixon Gardens: Free Saturday mornings, then eat lunch at famous RP Tracks nearby.

15. Free Trolley Nights: Eat a Soul Burger at Ernestine & Hazels and take a stroll down main street to enjoy the art. 

16. RiverFit: Early Saturday morning workout and pick up a smoothie at Cosmic Coconut or Whole Foods or any juice bar downtown.

17. Hike Shelby Forrest: stop in for a burger at the General Store

18. Hike Shelby Farms: lunch at Chipotle to refuel.

19. Sweets Date: Muddy's Cupcake and coffee/ Sweet Noshings

20. Greenline: Rode bikes on the Greenline towards The Elegant Farmer, share a lunch.

21. Bridges: have a fun evening rock climbing, take your own snacks and water

22. Ornamental Metal Museum: find discount tickets, and take a picnic lunch top eat on the bluff over the river.

23. Billiards and Wings: find a place to play pool or darts, and snack on wings

24. Golf & Games: have fun on their Super Saturday mornings

25. Twilight Terrace: Drinks as you watch the sunset

26. The Peabody: share a coffee and dessert. The coffee is in a carafe and is excellent!! Go when the Ducks Walk around 11am or 5pm.

27. Local Music: find some great local music. Have drinks or appetizer.

28. Farmers Market: buy some local produce and share some food from one of the great food trucks on site.

29. Record Store: buy some cheap records from Goner. Shangri-La, or Spin Street. Go home and dance!

30. Appetizers: Share a late night Appetizer at Applebees or Bahama Breeze 

31. Netflix and Chill: for real! Chinese Take out and watch a movie on Netflix.

32. Paddle Boat: Rent a paddle boat at Shelby Farms or on Mud Island

33. Milkshakes: get milkshakes and go for a walk(around the mall or at the park)

34. Wolf River Trails: hike a trail then refuel with Moe's

35. Barnes and Noble Date: get a coffee, sandwich and dessert. Sit in the corner and do some research on your hobby, next adventure, or recipes.

36. Picnic: Get take out and go to a free concert(there are several around Memphis!)

37. Game and food: Stub Hub has $5 seats sometimes. Share a $10 item of food or drink.

38. Texas De Brazil: share a drink and dessert only

39.  Elmwood & dinner: Stroll Elmwood Cemetery , then eat at Ernestine and Hazels(or share another meal from a downtown restaurant)

40. Camp: camp at a state park nearby for the night.

Use your imaginations and have fun!