Simplifying Entertainment

From a minimalist point of view, you don't need to spend money or have a lot of things to be fulfilled.


Adventure is Free!

We have entertainment provided for us at every corner, around every turn.  So many choices. I love it. I love going, experiencing new places, adventures, trying new things! We live near a huge city that provides more than enough entertainment every single day. But, sometimes, it gets to be too much. Too much time and money. That's when we need to decide what is best for us. Should we go out to eat again tonight? Or save that money towards savings or retirement? Should we go see every movie that comes out in the theaters or Redbox? Or should we wait to borrow from the library or a friend; and save the money? With a family like ours, we can easily spend a lot of money and hardly do anything. But, only when we go over receipts for the month or do a "No Spend Month", we can see waste. 


Do you have simply hobbies? Or hobbies that require a lot of equipment? Boats, bikes, golf clubs, cars, etc... I'm not going to tell you to give up what you love.  Just to reassess the importance. We love kayaking that requires expensive equipment.  But, we have purchased wisely and over time. Think about things you could do more that don't require much. 

Hiking- Hiking is the one thing I can think of that doesn't require much. Just a good pair of shoes and some water and snacks. I truly believe God created such a beautiful world for us to explore. What better way than to hike? Have you ever hiked in the woods and seen new things? Have you ever hiked to the top of a mountain and been in awe of the natural beauty? Have you just walked around your city, slowed down to enjoy the surroundings? Hiking helps relieve stress, saves money, you get exercise, and you build a better connection to the one(s) you're with.  Plan a day trip or a weekend camping trip away. I promise, you'll love it!

Camping- Camping does require a bit of equipment. But, once you have the essentials, all it takes is the gas to get there. And maybe camping fees. {See my Camping page for details} Camping is a favorite of ours. It's a great way to get away from the busyness of life and electronics. We are able to pick new places to see, or go to the same places we love to adventure.  (You see I made "adventure" a verb? I love going on adventures! I might have a slight problem with it!) We will go camping just to hike (Fall Creek Falls and Petit Jean are favorites), to kayak (Rock Island and Ocoee & Nantahala River areas are favorites),  to swim (Arkansas and Tennessee have several free swimming areas), to go on vacation (We camped on the beach at Perdido Key!! and on a creek in NC), camp in Branson to visit Silver Dollar City, we are planning a trip to Disney and will camp!)  We go camping every chance, every excuse we get! 


Who says you have to spend a fortune to go on a date? It's crazy, especially when there are so many free things to do! We do very simple things and save big stuff for special occasions. Birthdays and anniversary. And even then, we might opt to do something free. 

Free things- 

- hammock time!

- walk around the city

- enjoy a sunset, homemade picnic at the park or by a river

- enjoy a backyard bonfire

- find a free concert at a vineyard, or outdoor place

- go to a museum on a free day

- candlelit homemade dinner

- go on a bike ride

- volunteer

- canoe or kayak (if you have the equipment)

Family Fun: 

I love family. I love family time. Kids are only young once. And we only have a very short time to raise them. I want to use this time wisely. Soon they will be out on their own. 

 It would be easy to leave them to their own with electronics, or run them from activity to activity. That's just not how we are. Children need guidance and that doesn't come when we aren't involved in their lives. I am not suggesting helicopter parenting, just being involved. Many times we've seen our children disappointed with friends leaving them out or going the wrong path. That's when we step in and guide and get involved. 

 "... but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother." Proverbs 29:15

Our home has always been open for friends to come over and play. We have bonfires in the cooler months. It's a way for everyone to have a place to hang out, play, relax. and it's FREE! You don't need anything but  fallen limbs and trees. 

Kids don't need to be entertained. They don't need electronics, to go to the movies all the time, for us to come up with ideas when they are "bored", or for us to provide for their every want. 

First of all "bored' is really "lazy". I don't allow that to be said. We are given this whole world. Enjoy it! Help them learn to enjoy it! 

I do believe in family time. It's quality time. A way to connect and enjoy each other. There are several things to do as a family that doesn't require money (like Incredible Pizza Company) or accumulation of things (like all the latest/expensive Lego sets) or buying things (like an ice cream cone) 

- volunteer

- play in the the backyard/ baseball, kickball, basketball, frisbee, ride bikes, etc...

- hike

- camp

- swim a lake or river or grandparents's pool!

- walk around the city

- enjoy a free museum day

- Zoo (on free day or with a pass)

- Bike trails

- visit new parks

- skate park

- go fishing

- make up your own City Scavenger Hunt

- canoe/kayak (if you have that equipment)

- bonfire (roast hot dogs and marshmallows like you are camping!)

{{{ Look for a family activity calendar for your city. Plan some fun free events from that}}}

Social Media:

This is an area that has taken over our lives! It will suck us in , if we let it, and waste our time. And also, get us drawn into things we otherwise don't need to know about. 

Go thorough each social media and emails. Unfollow/unsubscribe to everything and everyone that isn't absolutely necessary. Keep only what brings you hope, encourages, and builds you up. Blogs, websites, people, stores. We don't need to know about that huge sale now that we have a Capsule Wardrobe. We don't need to see Target ads for things we know we no longer need to fulfill us. We don't need to see ads for home furnishing when we just simplified our homes. We don't need to read every blogs posts that are full of opinions(sometimes hate) and affect our thoughts and attitudes. We don't need to read every Christian blog or author or post. We have the Bible! We don't need to see what everyone else is doing, saying, thinking all the time. We have our own life. No "keeping up with the Jones's'".
Stop texting and talking on the phone so much, start accomplishing much! Talk to people face to face again! 

I know that this lifestyle change has helped me tremendously!

Designate a Spot & Time- 

Set aside time that you will answer emails, reply to posts, read an article/post. Allow yourself that time only so you will not get sucked into wasting time. Put your computer away/turn it off. Put your phones down/away.

Find a place that you will store/place electronics. Keep them there until needed. 

 If you have a designated spot and time, you will not be drawn to mindlessly use them. 

Personally, I keep my touchscreen computer on a small table in my room. There is only room for the computer, no room for excess papers to pile.  I keep my phone charger and phone on my night stand (it's also my clock and alarm). My Nook is in a drawer. 

Now, look at you reading this! Finish the Minimalist pages(on your designated time) and go enjoy life!