Here are a few things we've learned along the way:

  1. Buy a tent with a wash tub floor and rain fly- keeps the rain from coming in on the floors and over top.
  2. Pack like you are playing Tetris- pack it tight and as small as possible.
  3. Store like items(cooking/clothing/games/toiletries) in same large plastic tote or duffle bags.
  4. Plan clothing outfits for layers.
  5. Plan all meals(breakfasts/lunches/dinners/snacks) ahead and pack in marked containers and freeze ahead of time. Freeze all water bottles to serve as ice blocks for the cooler.
  6. Put foods in baggies then in containers. Keep foods in containers to keep water out and prevent smashing.
  7. Plan and pack fun things the kids can do; family fun. 
  8. Mom keeps a tote bag full of: first aid kit, camera, chapstick, sunscreen, bug spray, tissues, hand sanitizer, medicines, small mirror.
  9. Backpack of: maps, first aid kit, compass, canteen, sunscreen, small hand crank radio, binoculars, small towels, small packed ponchos.
  10. Enjoy nights around a campfire making s'mores, telling stories, relaxing and making memories with your family!

Favorite Places for Adventuring

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Check lists

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