1. Italian Breakfast Skillet- chopped red potatoes, chopped tomato, chopped ham, garlic, salt and pepper, beaten eggs. cook all but eggs in iron skillet until soft. Add eggs. Cook until eggs are done.
  2. Campurritos(make ahead and wrap in foil)- mix, cooked eggs and sausage, shredded cheese, hash browns. Wrap in a tortilla, Then wrap in foil. Store in a large baggie until breakfast!
  3. Camp Pancakes- Make batter ahead then put in a squeeze bottle( reuse a ketchup bottle, syrup bottle, etc)
  4. Oatmeal- make baggies ahead. Just add  hot water in a bowl
  5. Cinnamon Biscuits- Wrap a biscuit around a stick and roast until done. Dip in melted butter then cinnamon sugar.
  6. Sausage Egg Pie- in a foil pan: lay pie crust down, add 6 beaten eggs, cooked bacon or sausage, shredded cheese, Salt and pepper. Cook over grill/fire until eggs are set.
  7. Simple Eggs- beat eggs and pour though funnel into a water bottle(better storage!) Cook in iron skillet. 
  8. Omelets- eggs with chopped veggies, topped with cheese
  9. Fried eggs with Bacon-Potato Hash: in iron skillet cook bacon, drain. add diced potatoes. cook until tender. push to the side, and cook eggs on one side of skillet.
  10. Eggs and Chorizo
  11. Eggs and cheese on English muffins, sausage links
  12. Pancakes- make batter, put in gallon ziploc bag, lay on cookie sheet to freeze. It will thaw by the time you use it. Snip corner to use.

  1. Simple lunch meat sandwiches/hoagies/subs
  2. grilled cheese- using a sandwich iron to roast over fire
  3. Other Grilled sandwiches: Nutella and strawberries/ Pb and Banana/ ham and cheese/turkey and bacon/sausage and cheese/ cream cheese and strawberries
  4. Chorizo with bread and mustard.
  5. fruits
  6. veggies and hummus
  7. chips
  8. Set up an appetizer tray(divided lunch trays with lid): slices carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, and hummus/ slices apples, strawberries, grapes, watermelon with vanilla yogurt dip/ spinach dip with pieces of bread
  9. Spaghetti sandwich: (made from leftover spaghetti you've already had at home and frozen) add a spoonful on a piece of bread, top with another piece of bread, and use sandwich/pie iron to roast over fire.
  10. PB&J

  1. Bacon Wrapped Hot dogs(roasted over fire)- wrap ahead and store in container(slice down middle and stuff with cheese before wrapping with bacon for something different sometimes)
  2. Steak and Veggie Kebobs- assemble cut pieces of steak, green bell pepper, and onion- make ahead
  3. Chicken Kebobs- chicken and pineapple/ chicken, cherry tomatoes, squash, zucchini, onion-make ahead and store in container
  4. hamburgers- make ahead and store in container
  5. hot dogs, sausages, brats- roast over fire
  6. Soups(for winter)-make ahead. reheat in pot over fire/ It's fun to serve in a large mug!
  7. bacon wrapped mushrooms- mushrooms stuffed with herbed cream cheese, wrapped in bacon
  8. three cheese potatoes- diced potatoes sprinkled with different shredded cheeses, wrapped in foil
  9. Corn on cob
  10. baked beans
  11. Pork chops- marinated pork chop with peppers and onion wrapped in foil
  12. Shrimp Tacos: sautee shrimp in butter and garlic. Assemble- toritlla, shredded lettuce,shrimp, then sauce(premade mayo and shriracha sauce and little bit of sugar)
  13. Sausage and cheese plate: sprinkle sausage pieces with BBQ seasoning/heat over fire, serve with cheese and crackers
  14. Crescent wrapped hot dogs, roasted over fire
  15. Chili Dogs
  16. Individual Pizza Pitas: stuff with favorite pizza toppings. wrap in foil and grill
  17. Foil packet of : sliced sausage, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, garlic, salt and pepper. grill over fire
  18. Foil Dinners: see GRILL page
  19. Fish: If you catch a fish(or bring from home) clean and wrap in foil with lemon juice and butter
  20. BBQ chicken with grilled whole corn(soak in water for 30 mins with husks on, then grill)
  21. foil packet: broccoli and cheese
  22. foil packet: cauliflower and cheese and crumbled bacon
  23. foil packet: thin sliced sweet potato rounds with cinnamon and pats of butter

  1. S'mores
  2. S'Moreos- Roasted marshmallow between an oreo
  3. Cookies and Cream S'more- cookies and cream Hershey's instead of milk chocolate bar
  4. Bailey's Dipped Marshmallows- roast marshmallow then lightly dip in Bailey's
  5. Toasted Strawberries- dip strawberry in marshmallow cream, roast over fire
  6. Stuffed Marshmallows- stuff a marshmallow with mini rolo, mini Reese's cup, chocolate piece, peppermint patty, Snickers Piece, anything you want
  7.  Banana Boats-Cut a banana(still in peel) down the middle. Open and fill with chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows. Grill on foil over fire.
  8. Campfire Cones- Fill sugar cone with chocolate, mini marshmallows, strawberries, Pb, or whatever you want. Wrap in foil. Grill 5 mins
  9. Apple Pie Packet- slices apples, cinnamon, sugar,mini marshmallows. Grill over fire until apples are soft.
  10. Orange Cups- Hollow out and orange, fill, and bake over fire. Fill with brownie batter, cinnamon rolls, muffin mix, cake mix
  11. Campfire Eclairs- Wrap crescent around stick. Roast until done. Fill with vanilla pudding (from cup) and spread frosting over top.
  12. make your own trail mix- pick kids(or your) favorite snacks to miss. cherrios, dried cranberries, dark chocolate chips, granola, goldfish, peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, etc...
  13. Fondue: Roast pieces of banana, bread, and marshmallows. Dip in melted chocolate. (melted over the fire)
  14. Grilled Waffle: frozen waffle with mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Top with another waffle, Wrap in foil. Grill over fire for a few minutes.
  15. Cookie S'mores: Belgium waffle cookie instead of graham cracker

***Sometimes you just want something simple. Sometimes you just want to pack up and get away from it all for the weekend. If you want to have a simple getaway with the family for the weekend try this Simple Meal Planner***

Simple, Cheap, and Easy Weekend Meal Plans-Choose From 5 
Friday Evening:
Dinner- Roasted hotdogs over the fire, chips
Dessert- Classic S'Mores
B- Homemade packs-Oatmeal with cinnamon in a baggie(In cup or bowl-cover with hot water/cover to let soak and cook)
L- Pre-made(Pre frozen to preserve freshness) PBJ, fresh cut veggies & hummus and fruits
D- Pre-made burgers, bacon cheesy fries
Dessert- Apple Pie packet
B- Oatmeal again or Omelet with leftover fresh chopped veggies
L- PBJ/Lunch Meat Roll Ups, fresh fruits and veggies & hummus, chips/whatever is leftover
Snacks- nuts, crackers, seeds, homemade trail mix, fruits, vegs, granola bars

Friday Evening- Roasted Sausages or Brats over fire, Chips
Dessert- Classic S'mores
B- Scrambled Eggs, leftover sausages
L- Lunch meat/PBJ, chips, fresh fruit and veggies
D- Steak Strip Skewers, sliced Sweet Potato Packet
Dessert- Cookie S'Mores
B- Pancakes, fruits
L- lunchemat/ PBJ, fruits and vegs
Snacks- nuts, crackers, seeds, homemade trail mix, fruits, vegs, granola bars

Friday Evening- Chili, corn chips, premade cornbread
Dessert- Classic S'mores
B- Campurritos, fruits
L- lunch meat/PBJ, chips, fruits, veggies
D- Chili Dogs(leftover chili), cheese fries
Dessert- Stuffed Marshmallows 
B- eggs with leftover veggies
L- Lunch meat/PBJ, fruits, vegs, chips
Snacks- nuts, crackers, seeds, homemade trail mix, fruits, vegs, granola bars

Friday Evening- Veggie Soup, cornbread(all made ahead)
Dessert- Cookie S'mores
B- Oatmeal packets
L- leftover soup and sandwiches
D- BBQ chicken, beans, corn cob
Dessert- Cookie S'mores
B- Omelets with veggies, fruits
L- Lunch meat/PBJ, frutis, vegs, chips
Snacks- nuts, crackers, seeds, homemade trail mix, fruits, vegs, granola bars

Friday Evening- roasted hot dogs over fire, chips, fruits
Dessert- S'mores
B- oatmeal, fruits
L- PBJ, fruits, vegs, trail mix
D- Bacon Wrapped chicken skewers, three cheese potatoes, broccoli &cheese packets
Dessert- Cookie S'mores
B- oatmeal, fruits
L- PBJ, fruits, vegs trail mix
Snacks- nuts, crackers, seeds, homemade trail mix, fruits, vegs, granola bars

TIPS for a simple weekend:
1. Freeze Water Bottles- built-in ice coolers!
2. Make everything ahead and freeze
3. Buy items ahead and have in freezer for a last minute getaway.
4. Have meals in freezer already for a last minute trips
5. Think Simple. Basic foods, nothing fancy. 
6. Focus FUN not food. Focus on hiking, fishing, kayaking, biking.
7. Pack everything in small containers. Least amount of space possible. 
8. Plan meals that use the least amount of kitchen supplies(pots, pans, skillets). Less you use, less mess to clean up!
9. Plan meals with skewers, foil packets. We unfold the foil to use as a plate
10. Reuse your coffee mug to cook oatmeal.