I love traditions! And one of our traditions is to have a party for the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. The day of the ceremony, we do crafts, decorate, and play games related to the Olympics. Then that night we eat pizza or something party-like.

Starting 2012 we having a "Dinner From Around the World" ~ Tea and biscuit donuts that look like Olympic rings(London), Chips and Salsa (Mexico), Greek Salad (Greece), Sesame chicken and sweet and sour chicken(China), Eclairs(France)

Then, we watch the ceremony. For the rest of the Olympics we have fun watching the sports, keeping track of the medals, and researching about our favorite Olympians!

Games we've played: 
1. Obstacle course- let kids help set up a course with their toys. Take turns racing through, timed.
2. Trampoline gymnastic- The boys take turns doing flip-tricks.
3. Swimming- take turns doing the back stroke, butterfly, etc...

1. Bobsledding- racing down the hills with the kayaks
2. Ice Skating- Put water on the driveway, if it's below freezing to form ice/ or go to skating rink/ race, do tricks, etc...
3. Cross country skiing- using cardboard pieces taped to shoes or "carpet slides", race around the living room.

Get crafty:
1. Make signs out of small dowel rods and paper. Have the kids decorate a cheer flag for their favorite Olympian. Get the cheer flags put when the Olympian is competing.

2. Make medals or ribbons- use red, white, blue ribbon. Staple or glue a silver, gold and bronze colored baking cup to the ends. Use markers or crayons to color the cups if necessary.
3. Websites:

     Craft JR

Olympics Website:
1. Go to the official USA website. Go to Team USA. Research and look up the backgrounds on who is competing. Many have great, inspiring stories for children to learn!

NBC Website

London 2012 Olympic website

2. Go to TV listing to see a schedule for your area.
3. Keep track of the results.
4. Learn about the different sports.
5. Watch special videos.