Understanding Your Child's 


In the Learning section, I spoke about studying your children. One of the best ways to study and understand everything about your child is to understand their temperament.  I completely understand them now, after I read a book with this same title as the heading of this section. God had given our children special traits. He has made them exactly the person He wants them to be! It is easy to be discouraged and to discourage them when we find it too difficult to handle them. When we understand their temperament, then we understand who God wants them to be. And when we understand who God wants them to be, we can encourage them throughout their childhood. For example, you may have a child who likes to take his toys apart. With proper leading he may be an engineer of some sort. If your child is very talkative, they may grow up to be a speaker, teacher, or leader. Study these temperaments to see which one is your child. Most people are a mix of two. 

Weaknesses of a Sanguine

The Extrovert | The Talker | The Optimist

The Sanguine's Emotions

Compulsive talker

Exaggerates and elaborates

Dwells on trivia

Can't remember names

Scares others off

Too happy for some

Has restless energy


Blusters and complains

Naive, gets taken in

Has loud voice and laugh

Controlled by circumstances

Gets angry easily

Seems phony to some

Never Grows Up

The Sanguine As A Parent

Keeps home in a frenzy

Forgets children's appointments


Doesn't listen to the whole story

The Sanguine At Work

Would rather talk

forgets obligations

Doesn't follow through

Confidence fades fast


Priorities out of order

Decides by feelings

Easily distracted

Wastes time talking

The Sanguine As a Friend

Hates to be alone

Needs to be center stage

Wants to be popular

Looks for credit

dominates conversations

Interrupts and doesn't listen

answers for others

Fickle and forgetful

Makes excuses

Repeats stories

Strengths of a Sanguine

The Extrovert | The Talker | The Optimist

The Sanguine's Emotions

Appealing personality

Talkative, Storyteller

Life of the Party

Good sense of humor

Memory for color

Physically holds on to listener

Emotional and demonstrative

Enthusiastic and expressive

Cheerful and bubbling over


Good on stage

Wide-eyed and innocent

Lives in the present

Changeable disposition

Sincere at heart

Always a child

The Sanguine As A Parent

Makes Home Fun

Is liked by children's friends

Turns disaster into humor

Is the circus master

The Sanguine At Work

Volunteers for Jobs

Thinks up new activities

Looks great on the Surface

Creative and colorful

Has energy and enthusiasm

Starts in a flashy way

Inspires others to join

Charms others to work

The Sanguine As a Friend

Makes friends easily

Loves People

Thrives on compliments

Seems exciting

Envied by others

Doesn't hold grudges

Apologizes quickly

Prevents dull moments

Likes spontaneous activities

Weakness of a Melancholy

The Introvert | The Thinker | The Pessimist

The Melancholy's Emotions

Remembers the negatives

Moody and depressed

Enjoys being hurt

Has false humility

Off in another world

Low self-image

Has selective hearing


Too introspective

Guilt feelings

Persecution complex

Tends to hypochondria

The Melancholy As A Parent

Puts goals beyond reach

May discourage children

May be too meticulous

Becomes martyr

Sulks over disagreements

Puts guilt upon children

The Melancholy At Work

Not people oriented

Depressed over imperfections

Chooses difficult work

Hesitant to start projects

Spends to much time planning

Prefers analysis to work


Hard to please

Standards often to high

Deep need for approval

The Melancholy As a Friend

Lives through others

Insecure socially

Withdrawn and remote

Critical of others

Holds back affections

Dislikes those in opposition

Suspicious of people

Antagonistic and vengeful


Full of contradictions

Skeptical of compliments

Strengths of a Melancholy

The Introvert | The Thinker | The Pessimist

The Melancholy's Emotions

Deep and thoughtfully


Serious and purposeful

Genius prone

Talented and creative

Artistic or musical

Philosophical and poetic

Appreciative of beauty

Sensitive to others




The Melancholy As A Parent

Sets high standards

Wants everything done right

Keeps home in good order

Picks up after children

Sacrifices own will for others

Encourages scholarship and talent

The Melancholy At Work

Schedule oriented

Perfectionist, high standards

Detail conscious

Persistent and thorough

Orderly and organized

Neat and tidy


Sees the problems

Finds creative solutions

Needs to finish what he starts

Likes charts, graphs, figures, lists

The Melancholy As a Friend

Makes friends cautiously

Content to stay in background

Avoids causing attention

Faithful and devoted

Will listen to complaints

Can solve other's problems

Deep concern for other people

Moved to tears with compassion

Seeks ideal mate

Weaknesses of a Choleric

The Extrovert | The Doer | The Optimist

The Choleric's Emotions




Can't Relax

Too impetuous

Enjoys controversy and arguments

Won't give up when loosing

Comes on too strong


Is not complimentary

Dislikes tears and emotions

Is unsympathetic

The Choleric As A Parent

Tends to over dominate

Too busy for family

Gives answers too quickly

Impatient with poor performance

Won't let children relax

May send them into depression

The Choleric At Work

Little tolerance for mistakes

Doesn't analyze details

Bored by trivia

May make rash decisions

May be rude or tactless

Manipulates people

Demanding of others

End justifies the means

Work may become his god

Demands loyalty in the ranks

The Choleric As a Friend

Tends to use people

Dominates others

Knows everything

Decides for others

Can do everything better

Is too independent

Possessive of friends and mate

Can't say, "I'm Sorry"

May be right, but unpopular

Strengths of a Choleric

The Extrovert | The Doer | The Optimist

The Choleric's Emotions

Born leader

Dynamic and active

Compulsive need for change

Must correct wrongs

Strong-willed and decisive


Not easily discouraged

Independent and self sufficient

Exudes confidence

Can run anything

The Choleric As A Parent

Exerts sound leadership

Establishes Goals

Motivates family to action

Knows the right answer

Organizes household

The Choleric At Work

Goal oriented

Sees the whole picture

Organizes well

Seeks practical solutions

Moves quickly to action

Delegates work

Insists on production

Makes the goal

Stimulates activity

Thrives on opposition

The Choleric As a Friend

Has little need for friends

Will work for group activity

Will lead and organize

Is usually right

Excels in emergencies

Weaknesses of a Phlegmatic

The Introvert | The Watcher | The Pessimist

The Phlegmatic's Emotions


Fearful and worried


Avoids responsibility

Quiet will of iron


To shy and reticent

Too compromising


The Phlegmatic As A Parent

Lax on discipline

Doesn't organize home

Takes life to easy

The Phlegmatic At Work

Not goal oriented

Lacks self motivation

Hard to get moving

Resents being pushed

Lazy and careless

Discourages others

Would rather watch

The Phlegmatic As a Friend

Dampens enthusiasm

Stays uninvolved

Is not exciting

Indifferent to plans

Judges others

Sarcastic and teasing

Resists change

Strengths of a Phlegmatic

The Introvert | The Watcher | The Pessimist

The Phlegmatic's Emotions

Low-key personality

Easygoing and relaxed

Calm, cool and collected

Patient, well-balanced

Consistent life

Quiet, but witty

Sympathetic and kind

Keeps emotions hidden

Happily reconciled to life

All-purpose person

The Phlegmatic As A Parent

Makes a good parent

Takes time for the children

Is not in a hurry

Can take the good with the bad

Doesn't get upset easily

The Phlegmatic At Work

Competent and steady

Peaceful and agreeable

Has administrative ability

Mediates problems

Avoids conflicts

Good under pressure

Finds the easy way

The Phlegmatic As a Friend

Easy to get along with

Pleasant and enjoyable


Good listener

Dry sense of humor

Enjoys watching people

Has many friends

Has compassion and concern

For further study, please read this book~

Understanding Your Child's Temperament