Organize Your Life, Not Your Stuff


It all began because friends asked how I did it all. And I wanted to share with everyone what I learned. I wanted everyone to know how it really is easy to get it all done. (okay, well maybe not 100% of the time). I am not a minimalist, but some of my ideals fall along the minimalist lifestyle. 

Here's a breakdown for those who are new to this site:
  1. Organize your Life, NOT your Stuff!- Understand that you do not need to organize stuff. Stuff is what holds us back. I was once asked what my favorite organizer are, and it made me realize that I don't have any. The key is to not have things that require to be organized. The simpler the better. 
  2. Start with Routines- Make a Morning routine, afternoon routine, and evening routine. Help kids do the same.
  3. Start a cleaning routine- Organize your days to clean one area of your home. Don't try to do everything at once! You should only spend 15 minutes a day on major areas.*If you have less stuff, you'll have less to clean!
  4. Simplify!!- I don't know you, but I bet you don't need half of the stuff you own. Less Stuff = Less Stress. You don't need 5 knives for the kitchen, the cute little lint holder for the laundry room, 15 towels, cute knick-knacks all over the house, kitchen counter clutter, the cutest-latest clothing fashions, cute little recipe holders, fancy boxes for the office,etc... Once you have less stuff, you'll have more freedom! 
  5. Social Media- Unfollow anyone/blog that steals your time and thoughts. Don't get sucked into drama. Don't live for others. Unsubscribe to emails, even the blogs, Target, Vera Bradley, other Stores, etc... You don't NEED that stuff to be fulfilled. 
  6. Simplify Laundry- Oh, the dreaded mountain of laundry! Maybe you just have too much "stuff". Guess how you won't have that mountain! Simple steps:
  • Simplify your Wardrobe- look at my Capsule Wardrobes page and others on Pinterest. Pick a few bottoms and a few tops, and shoes that you can mix and match. Do this for every season. No one will care if you wear the same kind of clothes everyday!! I promise! Don't be defined by your clothing. Do this for everyone in the family.
  • Style is forever! Don't wear the latest trends. Stick with your Style. 
  • Everyone has their own hamper and responsibility for their own clothing. 
  • Start a load of laundry every morning after your shower. 
  • Put in dryer ASAP
  • Fold or put away immediately. (I'm usually done by the time I have to leave for work at 7:30am)
  • Do another load when you get home from work- fold and put away immediately. 
  • Make kids responsible for doing their own on a certain afternoon per child. 
     7. Simplify Food- Get rid of the junk- no processed foods, fake foods, sugar laden foods. Plan meals around meats and vegetables and fruits. You can even start a small garden in your flower bed for fresh foods!  Of course,having an occasional sweet treat will be good for your soul, but don't make it a habit of comfort. Set out a bowl of fruit on the table for easy snacks for kids. Plan a day to make treats with the kids- cookies, brownies, cake.This shouldn't  be an everyday thing.   
{{{{ Stick to my Minimalist Meal plan for the simplest plan. }}}}       
Another more detailed plan-    
         - Plan a certain meal for a certain day. I do this so I can make sure we eat a balance diet throughout the week. 

  • Sunday- Big Dinner after church-soup or crockpot
  • Monday- Bean dish/vegetarian/vegan
  • Tuesday- Chicken/Fish
  • Wednesday- Sandwich,Soup and Salad
  • Thursday- crockpot/leftovers
  • Friday- Pizza/Something Simple
  • Saturday- anything-leftovers/out/sandwiches
     9. Plan Family Fun Day-  Saturday is our Family Fun Day. We usually do free things like go to park, go on hikes, ride bikes...And sometimes other things like bowling, discount movies, laser tag, putt-putt golf. We also take many weekends to go camping. Get away from stress of work and school and electronics! It's the best way to reconnect with each other and reset our bodies. We love exploring nature. I just cannot believe that some others don't want to experience God beauty that way! The Natural Playground has always been the most fun for our boys.  
{{{ My Minimalist Entertainment point of view}}}

    10. Plan Time with your Spouse- Your spouse should be 1st(after God) in your life. Do you plan or make goals with your spouse in mind? Make sure you connect everyday- morning, lunch, afternoon coffee/tea, evenings, dates- anytime that's good for you. Plan dates often. Check out some great date ideas in Memphis
{{{ My Minimalist Entertainment point of view}}}}

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