April Fool's Day

This day is just for harmless fun. We do not pull pranks on each other if it will hurt another person. We also do not make this an all day thing and wear each other out. It is all about having FUN!! Here are a few ideas I have done and some that I will be doing.

1. Frozen cereal- Make cereal the night before. Don't forget the spoon! On April 1st take out the cereal and tell them breakfast is ready. It will funny to see their expression when they can't lift the spoon!!

2. Colored Milk- Put milk in a container that you cannot see through. Add desired food coloring. When they ask for milk for their cereal, pour the milk and watch their reaction!

3. Worm in an apple- Cut a hole in an apple. Insert a gummi wom. Put in their school lunch or give it to them as a treat.

4. Sew their underwear together. Ask them to go pick out a pair of underwear.

5.  Dandruff?- Put salt in your hair and pretend you have a horrible case of dandruff!

6. Salty teeth?- Put salt on their toothbrush

7. Invisible door- Cover the bedroom doorway with  clear plastic wrap while they are sleeping at night. When they wake April 1st, they will run right into it!

8.  Toilet trick- Cover the toilet with clear plastic wrap.

9.  Water trick- Tape the kitchen sprayer nozzle. Ask them to get you a cup of water, or just wait for the victim to come! But, don't forget you did it!!

10. Fast money- Tape fishing line to a dollar bill. Hide while holding the line. Pull the dollar away from the person trying to reach for it. 

These are simple and harmless, but I hope you have fun!!.

To find more google April Fool's Jokes

From Readers:

Peter C , Bartlett, Tn

Ok. The best one ever pulled on me was when my son's were in high school. My morning routine was very predictable. As usual I came to the kitchen and made a bowl of cereal with milk and honey, maybe a banana and some orange juice and vitamins. Same routine on April first and I was running late so was in a big hurry. I didn't hesitate to shovel 3 spoons full of cereal in my mouth only to expel it after about three chews. Cereal went everywhere. THEY (no one would ever confess who THEY were) had replaced the honey with joy dishwashing liquid. This was the best ever April Fools day on me.