The end of summer...

Summer Heat

The weather begins to change this month. Some days are heat index of 100 or above, others can dip into the 70's. I love summer, but I'm usually ready for a change of season by the middle of this month. In order to survive the last of the summer's humidity, we still enjoy a last bit of summer fun.

Kayak or paddlebaord at the lake, or a weekend trip to a river nearby.  

Swim in the pool or relax at the nearby Wolf River Beach.

Zoo- water features along the zoo. 


Summer break has ended and school has been back in since August. By this time, I've tried to set a back to school routine for everyone. Summer sleeping schedule is usually back to a school schedule. Homework is back in full swing. 

Summertime has a lot of lazy days, but now that we are back to school we have to find a new rhythm. Without some kind of routine, I get a bit stressed when there are new responsibilities for all of us. I reset my routine, and I help the boys do the same for themselves. 


The end of the month we get to fall into the Autumn season. I think it's my favorite season...or do I always say that? 

The air begins to start getting crisp in the evenings. It makes me look forward to bonfires, hoodies, and more camping. 

for ideas what we have done to celebrate the new season, check out my AUTUMN page

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