Cinco de Mayo

I love to celebrate. Anything, just give me a reason. And May 5th has always been a fun celebration for us. I don't really decorate but I make the meal a Mexican feast. I have to admit, I'm not spectacular in this area. I just make what our family loves- Tacos, taco salad, black bean quesadillas, bean and cheese burritos, chicken enchiladas, chips and dips, guacamole, Mexican rice, refried beans, churros, sopapillas. 

Mother's Day 

While most moms want time away at a spa to do hair, nails, and a massage, I'm not really that kind of mom. Over the years I have loved planting flowers that afternoon or spent the day at Shelby Farms kayaking and picnicking. Lately, I've loved going on adventures with my family. I don't want to rest or getaway from my kids. That seemed so weird to me. It's just not my personality. I wanted to enjoy this day with all my kids, who have made me a mom. We've been to Waterpalooza, hiked South Cumberland, camped in the mountains. I like to do anything adventurous and I want them to come along with me. I realize they will all be grown and married to women who will become moms. I want them to celebrate their wives when that day comes. Until then, I will savor all the time I can get to celebrate this day with my boys. Maybe, hopefully, they will want to carry on this tradition.

 ----Together is my favorite place to be----

End of the School Year Celebrations

This month is full of field days, honors programs, and sometimes graduations. 

On the last day of school, I have a One Smart Cookie party. Just an afternoon of playing in the backyard with cookies and snacks. All friends are welcome. We usually have a small pool set up for water fun.

Graduation parties are a little more special. We have a BBQ pork butt for sandwiches and nachos, with lots of other foods. Friends and families gather to relax and enjoy the Grad. We have outside games set up- badminton, frisbee golf, basketball, horse shoes, croquet, and more. The bonfire are is set up to relax together. 

 The year I am writing this I have a son graduating and going to CBU. I'm planning a party with his HS colors and a table set up with his college gear. I will have pictures of him throughout the school years strung up as a decoration. He has friends who are in a band so they graciously agreed to play at the party.And if you've ever met Seth, you'll think of him as family, too. One of the best human beings I've had the privileged to know, and I happen to be his mom.   

Creative Play

Kids need to be bored. They need open time in their schedule to use their minds the way God intended. We do not schedule anything other than the events going on at school. The rest of the days are for relaxation and play. 

On the last day of school I have a Summer Fun Bucket. Over a few weeks I gather things the kids can use to play with during the summer- bubbles, kites, chalk, Mentos and Coke experiment, slime ingredients, water toys, glow sticks,and more. See more of that HERE  and summer ideas to plan for HERE

Memorial Day

This is a day and weekend that we stay home. We do not go camping or to the lake. We discuss the importance of our military and why we celebrate this day. 

We spend the day cooking out with family. The kids swim, adults relax. This is a very calm weekend for us. 


Brambley Hedge

Beatrix Potter collections



Lilo and Stitch


The Sandlot

Durango Kids

The Gold Medallion


Grilling season

grilled pineapple and shrimp

mozzarella burgers

Emily's Salad

Bacon Egg salad

BLT's- no recipe necessary