Daily Chores

Some of you may think I was Born Organized, but I wasn't! It has taken many years to get things together and make life easier. I am a mix between a free spirit and Born Organized person. An organization wanna-be, I guess. Even if you're a free spirit with no set or written schedule, you do have some kind of schedule that you do as a habit. Think about all the time that is wasted when there is no plan of some kind.

Do not let the world make you think that you don't need take the time to clean! Being a helpmate to your husband is what God called us to be. And as it states in Proverbs 31, the Victorious(or Virtuous) Woman works with her hands, provides food for her family, "sets about her work vigorously", stays up at night to get things finished, provides clothing for her family, gives to the poor and needy, takes care of her household and his not "idle"(wasting time doing nothing), takes care of her inner and outer self, and is praised and brings honor to her husband. It may seem overwhelming to be all of this. But, YOU CAN!  I am here to help you!

 Now, think of what you need to get done and how you can get it accomplished. YOU CAN DO IT! It just takes a little thought at first. Then write it out, put it in your Home Organizer. Write the Daily chores on an index card so you can go to back to it when you need to. I do this many times a day!

Here is a a look at my days. At first glance it may seem like I am doing a lot. I'm really not. Well, yes, I really do have many things that need to be done everyday. There are many steps to get things done. But, some of these steps take only seconds! 

A well thought out plan of action makes life so much easier! And that means more time to Honor God with your family!

Monday~ Cleaning & Laundry

Tuesday~ Kitchen Day

Wednesday~ Office Day

Thursday~ Town

Friday~ Gardening Day

Saturday~ Family Fun Day

Sunday~ Lord's Day/Rest