I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.'

L.M. Montgomery

The Autumn season has moved in quietly. The air slowly begins to shift from the back and forth of hot, warm, cool to breezy days and cool nights. Autumn just might be my favorite season. It means more bonfires, hot cocoa, hoodies, camping, adventures, and snuggles around the fire. 


There's something so relaxing sitting by a bonfire or a fire pit. The stress of the electronic world put away to rest our minds, a hot cup of cocoa in our hands to warm us up, and loved ones around us.  I love this time to slow down, reconnect, fill our bellies along with our souls. 

As a tradition, I start having bonfires on the weekends. Almost every weekend we will invite friends and family. I usually serve something simple as s'mores or roasted marshmallows. sometimes we will roast hotdogs, or even have warm bowls of chili. 


After a long harsh summer of heat and humidity, I bring the yard games back out. Volleyball, corn hole, badmitten, horseshoes. Just having the games out and ready makes it more inviting for family togetherness. 


I absolutely love movies. And a family movie night on the weekends has always been a tradition. When we can't go to the theater or drive-in, I set up space in our backyard. I set up a sheet on the side of the house with seats, blankets, pillows gathered around. I use a projector that I can hook up a Firestick or Roku, or even a dvd player. (Newer versions have it built in.) 

Watching a movie with the firepit adds some warmth on a chilly night. Pop some popcorn, add some candy, and you're all set.


Around Halloween I have a bonfire dinner party. We all invite our friends and family, always the more the merrier. I serve soups, chips and dips, and s'mores for an after dinner bonfire treat. Over the years the party has looked differently depending on the boys ages. When the boys were young we played games like "wrap the mummy", bob for apples, nerf gun wars, and even painted pumpkins. As they've gotten older there aren't as many games, just mostly eating and being together. 


With the summer heat subsiding, it's a great time to camp more often. The leaves are starting to change colors and fall. Hiking trails aren't quite as overgrown, and the evenings are crisp enough to enjoy a campfire. I've been camping ever since I was very young. We started camping with our children when they were born. Camping is a great way to change to pace and scenery. 

Some of my favorite spots to camp close by in the Fall is Mt. Nebo (hike in camping on the mountainside), Longpool and Richland Creek in Arkansas. Fall Creek Falls, Cades Cove( or anywhere in the Smoky Mountains), South Cumberland, and Natchez Trace in Tennessee. 

Hikes are stunning and mesmerizing with the color changing of the leaves. Some of our favorites are in Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas, South Cumberland SP, Smoky Mountains, and Amicalola Falls in Georgia. 

for more ideas, check out my CAMPING page 


With the changing of the warm air to cool, I like to cozy up our home. I bring out blankets to drape over chairs and sofas, and the end of beds.. I add extra pillows for comfort of snuggling.

I have seasonal smelling candles set around the home. I love to light a candle as soon as I wake and drink my coffee, to ease into the day. I will light a candle when I get home from work, play some soft music, to set a welcoming tone to the home. 

I pull out the fall decor and add a little to every room in our home. I make the porch inviting to guests with mums, pumpkins, and flowers. I change out the porch decor every season. 


The Dinner Table has always been an important part of our home. No matter what we are eating, an extravagant meal or a bowl of cereal, I always like to set the table. Candles are lit to set a calming mood. Sometimes soothing instrumental music plays to set a peaceful tone. Boys love food, so I love any excuse to gather together. 

The beginning of Fall is a great time to restock the pantry. I like to fill it with ingredients to makes soups and other warm weather meals. Some days we are just tired and worn from a new seasonal routine. It's nice to have a pantry ready for what a weary souls were craving. 

Our family favorites to stock up on are- chili/frito pie, potato soup, beans & cornbread, beef stew, shepherds pie, beef veggie soup, cheeseburger pie, chicken and rice casserole. All are served with bread, so I try to keep a stash of frozen rolls, biscuits, cornbread mix,and breads, in case we run out during the week. 



Beef Veggie Soup

Potato Soup

Shepherds Pie

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