Spring Dates with Spouse:

~ Run Wild until you find someone just as wild to run with ~

1. Bike the Greenline, in Memphis Area

  • http://greatermemphisgreenline.com/

2. Spend a day or afternoon at the zoo. Enjoy an ice cream cone as you walk around.

3. Have fun at a favorite park. Walk and talk. Picnic. Swing each other. 

4. Go to the Local Farmers Market. Memphis~ 

  • http://www.agricenter.org/farmersmarket.html
  • http://www.memphisfarmersmarket.org/
  • http://www.memphisbotanicgarden.com/farmersmarket

5. Got to the Drive In. Take food and drinks. Make a comfy snuggle area in the back of a truck or van with pillows and blankets.

6. Go to the Memphis Botanic Gardens.  http://www.memphisbotanicgarden.com/

7. Candlelit Dinner after kids go to bed. 
8. Go to the place of your first date. Jeff and I went to The Memphis Cotton Carnival on our first date. 

9. Country Drive~ take some back roads and enjoy the fresh air and spring scenery.

10. Go on a hike~ Shelby Farms and Shelby Forrest have great hikes.
  •  http://www.shelbyfarmspark.org/trails
  • http://tnstateparks.com/parks/about/meeman-shelby

11. Kayak or rent paddle boats at Shelby Farms. http://www.shelbyfarmspark.org/paddleboats

12. Eat at outdoor cafes. My favortie spots:
  • The Majestic Grille
  • South Of Beale
  • Cafe Eclectic
  • Flight
  • Huey's
  • The Elegant Farmer
  • Slider Inn
  • Hog & Hominy

13. Go to a baseball game~ http://www.milb.com/schedule/index.jsp?sid=t235

14. Go fishing & grill your catch!
15. Have a backyard picnic~  Make sandwiches, fruits, cheeses, salads, and Sweet Peach Tea. Enjoy the evening on a blanket under the stars. Or set up pillows and blanket in the back of a truck. 

16. Backyard Bonfire~ enjoy each others company around a small bonfire (or fire pit) with snacks and drinks and conversation.

17. Coffee & dessert evening~ our favorite places:
  • Cafe Eclectic
  • Starbucks
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Olive Garden
  • Otherlands
  • The Edge
  • Bluff City Coffee
  • Java Cabana

18. Downtown Carriage ride~ if you are downtown hop on a romantic carriage ride. 

19. Have a stay-cation~ stay in a hotel in your area. Become a tourist in your town. We love to stay downtown Memphis. Here are some of our favorites things to do:
  • Any of the things mentioned above
  • Dinner suggestions: *Texas DeBrazil *Flight *Hard Rock on Beale *Mellow Mushroom Pizza 
  • Tour museums
  • Walk along the Mississippi River.   

20. Dinner and Theater show~ 
  • Playhouse on the Square~  http://playhouseonthesquare.org/season-announcement/
  • The Orpheum~ http://www.orpheum-memphis.com/
  • Theater Memphis ~ http://www.theatrememphis.org/
  • Germantown~ http://gctcomeplay.org/
  • New Moon~ http://www.newmoontheatre.org/upcoming-season.html

21. Memphis in May
  • Music Fest- 1 day or 3 day pass
  • Canoe and Kayak Races- watch the races and eat food there sold by Boy Scouts
  • BBQ Fest- we have a friend with a booth so we go on Friends and Family night
  • Sunset Symphony- picnic on the bluff. Listen to symphony and watch fireworks
  • Memphis in May Website

22. Camping. Go to my camping page to read about organizing a trip

 Spring Ideas with Children:

1. Visit the Botanic Gardens Big Backyard ~ http://www.memphisbotanicgarden.com/mybigbackyard

2. Have a zoo day and picnic

3. Play at the park

4. Fly Kites

5. Plant a kids garden

6. Start a sunflower house~  http://www.greeneducationfoundation.org/greenthumbchallengesub/curriculum-and-activities/reading-in-the-garden/841-how-to-build-a-sunflower-house.html

7. Paint with watercolors outside~ have them choose to paint something they see outside
8. Make a Tic-Tac-Toe Board out of nature~ http://www.victoriouslyorganizedwoman.com/tic-tac-toe-nature-board.php

9. Help your child build a reading nook in a tree~ nail boards to a tree trunk. Make small sitting ledge in the crook of a tree. look here ----> https://www.mediabistro.com/galleycat/amazing-treehouse-reading-nook_b70791

10. Bike the Greenline or at a park.

11. Rent Paddle Boats at Shelby Farms

12.  Visit an outdoor skate park.

13. PJ Dessert Time~ after getting them ready for bed surprise them with a dessert set up outside on the patio/porch/near bonfire. 
  • S'mores
  • ice cream sundaes
  • milkshakes
  • yogurt bar- bowls of yogurt, fruits, granola, nuts, chocolates  

14. Make birdhouses

15. Make Easter cards for grandparents~  using thumbprints or hand printsas the flowers.

16.  Nighttime Glow Bowling~ Put glow sticks in empty water bottles. 

17. Neighbors Gifts~ Take flower bouquet and a note with treat- a Peep and note that says "Your'e my favorite Peep".

18. "Best Buds" Gift Basket~ surprise your child's friend with a basket of goodies: bubbles, chalk, kite, candy, daffodils tied together with note that says "We're Best Buds".

19. Go fishing and grill your catch over a bonfire.

20. Start a live butterfly garden~ http://www.amazon.com/Insect-Lore-Live-Butterfly-Garden/dp/B00000ISC5

21. Camping!! Go to my page to read all about it