"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever." 

Psalm 107:1

Thanks~Giving Tree 2012

Cut out leaves and hand prints for each child. Let them write their Thanks giving on each. Cut out a few more leaves and lay them in a bowl with crayons. Have the children each day ad leaves to the tree until Thanksgiving Day, or even after.

Thanks-Living Tree

(I used to do the simple branch tree above, but now this is our new tradition. I noticed putting the tree up after Halloween helped keep the calmness of the holiday.)

I put up our Christmas tree the day after Halloween. But, I decorate it with Thankful leaves instead of Christmas ornaments. (the day after thanksgiving I decorate the tree for Christmas.)

I cut out simple leaves from leftover scrapbook paper, hole punched the top, and tied a string of yarn to it. Everyday until Thanksgiving each child writes what he is thankful for on a leaf and adds to the tree. 

The focus I try to bring is on living everyday with thankfulness in our heart, not just saying what we are thankful for each day. We give thanks to the Lord by truly living out our thanks. 

Thankful Turkey

Trace the palm of the child's hand and let them cut it out. Let them cut feathers out of different colored construction paper. On the front or back of each feather the child can write things he is thankful for. 

Hand Print Turkey

Paint the child's hand the colors of the turkey and press on a piece of paper. Let the child finish painting the picture anyway they would like. I helped out with the turkey hat and beak. 

Thankful Handprint Tree 2010


Trace each child's hand in different Autumn leaves colors. Let them write what they are thankful for on each of their handprints. 

*I used a poster board and drew a tree trunk*

Thankful Handprint Tree 2011