Organize Your Life, Not Your Stuff

Minimalist Lifestyle

The older I have become, the more I crave a simpler lifestyle. I've never been the "keepin' up with the Jones's" type or materialistic. But, in some kind of ways I still let some and things people influence me. I hope to give you insights on how I am keeping it simple in this crazy world.

Simplifying Your Home

Simplifying Your Meals

Simplifying Entertainment

Capsule Wardrobes

Simple Health & Beauty

My inspirations: - A super Minimilist male/dad's point of view - He only wears a few basic t shirts and jeans and they don't buy gifts. 
The Minimalists - two friends journey with event and books
Un-fancy  - simple wardrobes
Light By Coco- simple wardrobes with great videos
Becoming Minimalist - a middle class family approach for starting into minimalism