Capsule Wardrobe

This is my secret for taming the mountain of laundry.


Do not let the latest fashion trend determine what you wear. Trends come and go. Style is forever!

I would have not always considered this. I love shoes!! I love different styles. But, with 8 of us in the house, we had way too much laundry. I have only recently started this way of creating a wardrobe. I LOVE it!! You save so much money. There will be no more impulse buying, shopping for fun, or wasteful, unwise financial decisions.

Having a minimalist wardrobe doesn't have to mean having no personality or color. I think this way brings more of that out! 

Do this Capsule Wardrobe with each of your children!!! Let them have input and make the decisions. 

First Step:

Remove all clothing. Yep. Go through it, and donate unwanted items and throw away torn, ripped, worn out pieces.. Go through it again, donate more. 

Now, think about your color palette. What do you like to wear? Think of your favorite items, and what you can mix and match.  Think about what your real lifestyle, not the unrealistic one. Don't follow today's trends, Stick with your style. When purchasing, buy a small amount of affordable pieces. Then, purchase/ keep great quality pieces that will bring the outfit together. Have simple items that don't need dry cleaning or ironing. (That is pretty much my entire closet!)

Keep less than at least 40 pieces of clothing. Less is best with no stress!

{{{ Download the Stylebook app. Upload your  clothing photos. You can mix and match and make different outfit ideas. }}}


Creating your Capsule Wardrobe:

I have found this system to be most helpful to me. But, you can choose whatever amount that suits your lifestyle and the Season :

Tops: (1 simple, 1 dressy, 1 in between)

3 tanks

3 t shirts

3 blouses

3 cardigans 

2 jackets

Bottoms: (1 simple, 1 dressy, 1 in between)

3 shorts

3 skirts

3 jeans

Shoes: (1 simple, 1 dressy, 1 in between)

3 flats

3 boots

3 heels/wedges


3 simple

3 dressy

3 in between

My favorite inspiration for Capsule Wardrobes:

Un-Fancy  - great pictures and outfit ideas

Light By Coco  - great videos showing her outfits, including Halloween ideas from your regular clothes!

Remember, trends come and go.

Style is forever!