Clean Eating Recipes:

Ground Turkey



Chili Chicken tortillas




Snacks/ Desserts




B~ oats, blueberries, drizzle of honey*/ 2 egg whites/ green tea

s~ pear and cashew

L~ grilled chicken over romaine and spinach with tomatoes, almond slivers, drizzled with balsamic vinagrette, apple

s~ berry cheesecake( spoonful of cottge cheese and greek yogurt, berries and macadamia nuts

D~ chicken florentine( baked chicken topped with can of diced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and parmesan cheese/bake until done. served on a bed of sauteed spinach), salad greens drizzled EVOO and lemon juice

S~ palmful of almonds and apple


B~breakfast banana split( banana, topped with yogurt, berries, and granola or Kashi cereal)

s~ apple slices with naturtal PB

L~ refried beans, sour cream, avocado slices, salsa

s~ chopped apples and pears with pecans

D~ Salmon with sweet and tangy chutney, salad

s~ yogurt and berries


B~ PB on ezekiel toast with sliced banana sprinkled with flaxseed, egg white

s~ apple, cashews

L~ egg salad(with greek yogurt, not mayo) on whole grain pita, organge

s~ hard boiled eggs, strawberries

D~ baked penne*, salad

s~ yogurt with berries


B~ scrambled egg whites, ezekiel toast, berries

s~ PB, apple

L~ baked chicken and yogurt on baked potato

s~ berry cheesecake*

D~ soy braised pork tenderloin*


B~ oatmeal with flaxseed and blueberries, egg whites

s~ almonds, pear

L~ leftover tenderloin over salad

s~ hard boiled eggs, strawberries

d~ Chili Chicken Tortillas*


B~ french toast(with ezekiel bread and egg whites and real maple syrup)

S~ carrots, hummus

L~ turkey, spinach on whole grain pita, grapes, carrots

s~ berry cheesecake

D~ mexican rice and beans*, salad

S~ apple and pb


B~ oatmeal with blueberries, egg whites

s~ unsalted peanuts, apple

l~ leftover beans and rice

s~ yogurt with berries

D~ southwestern couscous salad*

s~ air popped popcorn

More Breakfast ideas:

  1. kashi cereal
  2. blueberry oatmeal cups
  3. chocolate almond smoothi
  4. egg white omelet
  5. oatmeal pancakes
  6. yogurt parfaits

More Lunch Ideas:
  1. leftover chicken on a whole grain wrap with veggies
  2. tuna over salad greens, balsamic vinagrette
  3. mango chicken salad*
  4. whole grain wrap with quinoa, black beans, avocado, salsa, spinach
  5. asian salmon sandwiches*
  6. turkey burgers
  7. strawberry chicken salad
  8. baked chicken over salsd greens with black beans, corn, tomato, and cilntro dressing
  9. tuna balls(oxygen magazine-June)

More Dinner Ideas:
  1. baja fish kebobs(Oxygen magazine-June)
  2. Cod Tacos( " )
  3. pizza, on whole grain crust
  4. baked chicken bites
  5. baked fish sticks
  6. turkey burgers
  7. veggie chili
  8. curried ginger butternut squash soup
  9. chicken curry over c=brown rice
  10. sweet and sour chicken over brown rice

For More Ideas ~ Look at these Websites and Magazines that I love: