St. Patrick's Day 

 It's another fun holiday to celebrate with wearing green and decorating with shamrocks, etc... But do you know the whole story about St. Patrick? Go to the link below to read about him. Talk about him to your children all week until next Wednesday. There is so much more to him than just what the world has commercialized.  For example, he used shamrocks to describe the Trinity~Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Kids love to have fun.(and so do I!) Here are a few ideas and link to other sites to get ready for next week:
1. Decorate with green. You can very inexpensive stuff at the Dollar Tree and the dollar section at Target.
2. Make green eggs for breakfast
3. Color their milk green for their cereal.
4. Color their mashed potatoes green at dinner
5. Serve a traditional Irish meal~ St. Patrick's Day meal ideas)
6. Make green shamrock cupcakes for dessert
7. Make crafts~ Family Fun Crafts
8. Print out coloring pages for the kids. Let them color as you read the story of St. Patrick. ~ Family Fun Printables
9. Play traditional Gaelic games and others~ Family Fun Games
10. Buy or rent the Veggie Tales movie that tells the story of St. Patrick. (It's in between the story of the sumo) ~ Sumo of the Opera 

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Whatever you do , make sure you have fun as you teach your children about this wonderful man of God.