Emily's Salad:

~ 1 bunch red leaf lettuce  ~1 can real bacon pieces  ~2 boiled eggs, chopped ~1 c vegtable oil  ~1/2 c sugar ~1/4 c apple cider vinegar ~1tsp ground mustard

1. Mix oil sugar, vinegar, mustard. Put in fridge .

2.Chop lettuce put in large bowl. top with bacon pieces and chopped egg.

3. Microwave dressing 30 seconds, and mix(just to let the sugar disslove a little.)

4.Pour over lettuce and toss. ** you may not use all of dressing, so pour a little at a time


Crunchy Slaw:

~1 bag cole slaw mix ~2 package chicken ramen noodles  ~ 1 bunch green onions, chopped ~ 1 c sunflower seeds ~1 c slivered almonds

~ 1 c veg oil ~1/3 c white vinegar ~1/2 c sugar

1.Mix oil, vinegar, sugar,and season packets from ramen noodles(refrigerate, but remix before serving!)

2. Mix slaw, green onions,sunflower seeds, almonds.

3.Just before serving pour dressing over slaw mix, then break up noodles and sprinkle over top


Simple Family Salad:

~1 bunch romaine lettuce, chopped ~ Dried cranberries  ~ cashews

1. Mix together and serve with favorite dressing. Ours is ranch.