Simplifying Your Life

Organize your Life ,

 not your Stuff 

Understand that you do not need to organize stuff. Stuff is what holds us back. 

Think about your lifestyle and what you buy and what you own. If you are buying containers and boxes to organize your life, then you have too much stuff.  

A change in lifestyle and attitude helped me overcome being overwhelmed with life and finances. 


I recently saw a post on Facebook about spending$40.00 on plastic boxes to store kids weekly clothing. Yes! So cute! How enticing to buy that and have all of your kids clothing ready for each morning!! But I have a secret! You don't "need" that. Especially at $40 per kid x 6 for me. Not even worth it! I know we all want better mornings before school! But, at what expense? 

{ Go to the Capsule Wardrobe section to see some ideas I have.}

If you watch TV,  you and your kids will be bombarded by several advertisements. Most are marketed towards kids because they know kids are most influential. Women will fall for the ads for girly stuff. And men fall for the Ads for the manly stuff. Don't let yourself or your family fall victim to the advertisers. Turn that stuff off! 

{ Advertisers have targeted our children for influences of junk food. This has caused a very serious problem with our children's heath. See the Simplifying Meal Plans section for more. }


The Power of Influence of Others is hard to get around. Others don't try to entice your into anything. But, you see something you like and want it/covet. For a long time, I was around influences to dress conservatively ( button up blouse, skirt, and heels kind), Vera Bradley everything, Coach and MK purses, monogram everything!, eat certain things, drink certain things, and shopping like it's a hobby. A lady actually was so confused and could not believe I didn't drink Diet Coke! I think I was even more confused as to why anyone would expect me to be like anyone else. That was my first taste of the power of influence of others.

 Let me please address the  "Target" joke among women. I see the funny pictures about women going to Target to get a Starbucks and shop for things they don't need just to get away. It's funny! I've been there! But, it's not respectful towards our spouses or our finances. I wonder how we started to think that was acceptable entertainment or a getaway? And I wonder where we are getting this sense of entitlement? Shopping should never be a form of entertainment. It kills the finances. Imagine the money that could go towards saving and retirement. And then we are left with a lot of things we bought that don't fit the need of our homes or wardrobe.

{ See Capsule Wardrobe for more about simplifying clothing. }

Buy only what you need

 I know that seems so simple and obvious. But, most of us don't do that. Track what you spend for a month. You will see how much time and money was wasted on Starbucks, drive thru's, convenience stores stops, extra grocery stops {see Simplifying Meal Plans for more on that} , expensive dates, a shirt we didn't need, or even a car note,  etc... 

Write down what your monthly needs are, then only buy that for the next month. Try a "No Spend Month" a see how much you could actually be putting back for savings and retirement. 

We have several vehicles that are paid for. They aren't the newest greatest. I sometimes get influenced to want something better. But, whats better than paid off!? Our vehicles work fine. I am very grateful we don't have an extra expense of a car notes so we can put that money towards something more important and meaningful.

The Power of Waiting

When you want something, wait. Take time to think about the purchase. Some of my kids are easy savers. Others, love to spend money as soon as it hits their hands! Sometimes, before it hits their hands. I've been like that myself! Too many times I have regretted a purchase. A picture, decoration, toy for the kids, or even a toy for ourselves. It didn't fit our lifestyle or home. So now, we tell the kids to wait before they make a purchase. Example: One of our sons sold his racing dirt bike because he no longer raced. In it's place he wanted a mountain bike and kayak, because that's what we do more often. We taught how to bargain shop, look around for the best deal, and stay focused on what he wanted. Several times he was distracted by wanting something else. But, how many times do we fall victim to that, also? 

Organize your Life ,

 not your Stuff