25 Days till Christmas Countdown Activities


Thursday~1.  Make and hang snowflakes in the kids rooms. Read book about the Tiny Snowflake(How God made us all different for a special purpose)

Friday~2. Read story of the Christmas Tree~ Make sugar cone Christmas trees(sugar cones, green icing, m&m's)

Saturday~3. Make salt dough ornaments

Sunday~4. Make homemade Christmas cards for grandparents

Monday~5. Sew star ornaments

Tuesday~6. Make Angel(out of footprints and handprints)

Wednesday~7. Paint ornaments

Thursday~8. Write "presents to Jesus"( what they are giving Jesus for his b'day) and put in his B'day box under tree

Friday~9. Make gingerbread houses

Saturday~10. Bellevue's Singing Christmas Tree

Sunday~11. Seth's B'day Party!

Monday~12. 12 Days of Christmas card game

Tuesday~13. School Christmas program

Wednesday~14. Make gifts for teachers

Thursday~15. Write "presents to Jesus" again. What good deeds have you been doing for others/for Jesus this month?

Friday~16. Watch Veggie Tales St. Nicholas movie~ Play red nose relay game

Saturday~17. Make homemade gifts and deliver to nursing home, elderly, friends, neighbors

Sunday~18. Make homemade candy canes and read the story behind the candy cane

Monday~19. Play Candy Cane Gift Unwrapping Game

Tuesday~20. My/Holly's B'day~ something fun~ Maybe Starry Nights at Shelby Farms

Wednesday~21. Make Christmas Cookies

Thursday~22. Watch Christmas movies

Friday~23. Read Luke 2 ~ The birth of Jesus

Saturday~24. Make Jesus B'day cake~ Read the Night before Christmas

Sunday~25. Open "Happy Birthday, Jesus Box", read what everyone did for others/gave to Jesus~ then open presents!! Go to church, visit family