25 Days of Advent

Slow and calm and quiet ways during Christmas season to reflect on the coming of Christ. These are ways to give back to God and give gifts to Jesus. What greater gift have we been given than Jesus? 

Adapted from the book The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. And Unwrapping the Greatest Gift for families.  Each has a reading that goes along with it explaining the journey of the line of Christ through the Bible. 


  1. Plant grass, anywhere. Discuss how your life is like growing seeds. Find small ways to help people this December. Keep your prayer list for people you want to show love. Ask God to use your small actions to produce great results. Say a prayer for those less valued.
  2. Create something to show your love- cookies, ornament, homemade card. Share with people who may need to be reminded that they are loved. Thank God for loving you.
  3. Write a letter to God thanking him for his unconditional, unchanging, love. Keep this beside your bed or in your bible to remind you of his love. 
  4. Identify another family you think might be experiencing a flood. What gifts can you share with this family?  Include a note that Jesus can carry them through their storm.
  5. Be a blessing to a neighbor with cookies, smile, card, coffee, etc... Look at the stars tonight. Thank God for His promise to bless you.
  6. Look for three chances today to make three different people laugh with you.
  7. List 10 ways God has provided for you.
  8. Write a note to someone reminding them how much God loves them. Send it with a Christmas card.
  9. Make something colorful for someone. Tell them that God loves them. Thank God that he brings good.
  10. Say the 10 Commandments. Look for love in each and say "I Do".
  11. Find as many red things as you can. Think of Rahab's journey and the gift of Jesus.
  12. Turn off all lights in the house but the tree. Notice how the darkness seems to make the light even brighter. Thank God for being your light in the darkness.
  13. Say a prayer asking God to help you see the way He sees others.
  14. Light a candle for people you know who are hurting. Say a prayer for them. Thank God for being the light. 
  15. Write down your false Gods. Burn in the fire(fireplace or bonfire). Thank God He's worthy of your worship. Tell Him you choose to only worship Him.
  16. Write something to tell God you are sorry about. Draw a heart around it. 
  17. Think of one thing you can do today to make someone feel special.
  18. Think of creative ways to tell others that God loves them.
  19. Find a "Grateful Jar". Write what you are thankful for on slips of paper and put in the jar. When you are having a bad day you can read what you've written down.
  20. Sing a Christmas song that reminds you of the miracle of Christmas.
  21. Spend time thinking about Jesus being here with you. How does He make a difference in your life?
  22. Close your fist. Then open. Think about giving God whats bothering you. Find one way to open your hand and say yes to God. 
  23. Find out what each family members name means. Create a reminder of the meaning of each.
  24. Write Jesus a thank you note or draw a picture thanking Jesus for His unstoppable love. Write a note to a neighbor. 
  25. Celebrate and feel the warmth of the love of Jesus. Thank Him for being your Greatest Gift. Pray He will help you light this world on fire with His warming love. 
{{{ all thoughts and ideas come from Ann Voskamps book- The Greatest Christmas }}}}

Light a tealight candle before each daily reading. Light a candle for each Sunday. And listen to Ann as she speaks about each one in a VIDEO experience. (search advent, Christmas or click on links below)
Sunday 1- Look for Hope
Sunday 3- Laugh for Joy
Sunday 4- Love for Always