We love bonfires. We are blessed enough to live in the country and have many different size bonfires.

~ I have a metal fire pit close to a sitting area close to the backdoor/carport area. And near where the kids play.

~ We have another fire area near our playground and garden area. We have a swing we relax in and bring camp chairs.

~ We have large bonfire area in the back of our property. We just use this as a burn area and don't hang out here much anymore. We have a lot of fallen limbs and need to try to keep our property somewhat clean. And have you tried roasting a marshmallow at a huge bonfire? Whew, gets hot. 

We have started a Friday night bonfire tradition in the Fall and Spring seasons. The boys invite their friends over. Adults sit and relax, kind of....I mean, who really relaxes when kids are around a fire~ so, once they are done roasting marshmallows and run off to play then we sort of relax.....and the kids enjoy a tradition that will long be remembered!

*******As Always, please use caution with a fire and keep all kids safe with constant adult supervision!!*******