(Please excuse the silly face)
Beach cake :
~rectangle cake and cut out the age. Frost blue. Use crushed grahams for the beach. Add goldfish and umbrellas, teddy grahams of a fruit roll up beach mat. (Luke added his beloved tractor)

Ben 10
round cake, chocolate icing, vanilla icing with green food coloring.
Decorate with Ben 10 characters as they choose.

Camping party:
Round cake iced green for grass. Sugar cone cied green for trees. Grahams iced blue for a tent. M&M's in a circle for bonfire. Put candles in middle of fire pit and light!

Donut Cake:
using a silcone donut mold, I baked 2 cakes on a cookie sheet. Let cool. Cut to make it even and put together. I made a ganache and used sprinkled. I've used Holiday sprinkles a few time.

Laser Tag Party
(Sorry it's such a fuzzy pic)

I made a 13x9 cake and half a ball cake(using a Wilton Ball metal form)
I used it with his favorite colors . I stuck long candles all over the cake making it look like laser pointing out.

Dirt Bike cake #1~ inspired by a Family Fun article
3 cake mixes baked in a three tiered cake pan set, cocoa puffs, chocolate wafers crushed, dirt bikes.

I cut the top layers to from a step up, and iced with chocolate icing.

DirtBike Cake #2:
13x9 cake iced with green colored for grass on bottom, and chocolate for the top. The hills are kit kats for the whoops, and swiss rolls for the large hills.

DirtBike #3:
3 cakes baked in the three tiered pans. Iced with vanilla icing. Blue fondant rolled out and cut out shapes with cookie cutters.

Birthday Pie:
birthday boy likes pies better so I made apple pies.

round cake iced with vanilla icing. Cut out transformer face from toy we bought. I did the letters with a icing pen and do not like it. It ran. Then, decorated with Transformers.

Volcano and Fiesta:
red velvet cake baked in ball cake pan.
Orange and red tube icings spread from the top to bottom.
Candles out of top.