Camping Party


1. Party set up:

* Set up tents in the backyard, near the bonfire area

* Set up chairs around the bonfire

* Set up a Table- for making s'mores later in the night

2. Party food:

* roast hot dogs over fire

* chips and dip

* dirt cups -layers of chocolate pudding and crushed oreos with gummy worms

* campfire cake- sugar cones as trees/graham crackers iced as a tent/M&M's as bonfire rocks/Candles as the camp fire/Mini Tootsie Rolls as the log to sit around the fire

3. Party Fun:

* Water gun fights during daylight

* play tag/football/baseball/frisbee

* after party in the dark- hand out glow sticks

* play glow tag

* roast marshmallows

* tell scary stories around fire