2011 Chore List

Morning Routine (after-make bed, get dressed, brush hair and teeth, then…):

Ryan(14)~ take all towels and laundry to laundry room/start a load of laundry

Seth(12)~ Care for animals: feed cat, dog, fish

Ian(9)~ empty dishwasher

Noah(6)~ load breakfast dishes

Luke(5)~ clears and wipes table

Jack(1)~  makes more messes for us to clean, everyday

Regular Chores(afternoon-before dad comes home!):

Ryan~ boys bathroom everyday : M/W/F- wipe counters, sink, faucet, mirrors  Tu- scrub shower tub and doors, toilet Th-sweep mop & bathroom

Seth~ M/F-vacuum family room Tu- sweep playroom/mop W- empty all trash can/take trash to street Th- help clean van

Ian~ M/W/F- tidies playroom(dirt bike stuff away) Tu- dust playroom Th- sweep & mop office

Noah~ everyday-clean family room everyday- tidies, dusts, toys away Th-help clean out van

Lukeeveryday- clean kitchen everyday-wipe bottom cabinets and appliances Th- help clean out van

Jack~ makes more messes for us to clean, everyday

Table/After Dinner Chores:

Ryan~ dishes/wipe counters

Seth~ empty trash/ mop

Ian~ wipe high chair/ sweep

Noah~ clear table/ wipe wall

Luke~ wipe table and wall/ napkins to hamper

Jack~ make more messes for us to clean, everyday

* Of course I hope you don't think that I make my children do all the chores while I sit back. Thats is not the case at all. My chores are much more! Planning preparing 24 meals plus snacks a day, cleaning our bedroom and master bath, cleaning outside, cleaning windows, detail dusting, detail organizing, baby duties, and so much more. I think you understand. :)