Cleaning/Laundry Day


1. Rise a little earlier than normal

2. Start laundry after shower and getting ready

3. Clean ALL sheets

4. Wash, dry, fold, and put up EVERY load at a time!

5. Have kids gather and wash their own bedding

6. Iron

7. mend clothes


(In between loads of laundry, this only takes me part of the morning to finish the cleaning)

1. Put everything in it's place!

2. Dust

3. Windex windows

4. Vacuum

5. Sweep

6. Mop

7. Focus on one Cleaning Area a week. Pick one thing each day to deep clean that area

Example: Living Room/ Family Room:( enlist helps from kids!)

M~ cobwebs, dust lights and ceiling fans, wipe baseboards

T~ straighten; pick a cupboard or drawer to organize, too

W~ wash curtains, shake out area rugs, clean light switches

T~ detail dust, wipe doors

F~ detail vacuum

S~ Add Beauty: candle, fresh cut flowers, wallflower

***These should only take you 15 minutes to do, especially if you assign chores for your kids to help you!