Date Night Jar 

  1. Gather colored pens or markers, craft sticks, and a jar
  2. Write down your favorite dates on a piece of paper and organize which are free, freee away from home, dtaes with coupons, or away from home dates.

Here are dates in our jar:

Black= Free at Home Dates

  • Dinner on the patio or porch
  • swap back rubs
  • candlelit room-soft music-talk
  • candlelit dinner with special dessert
  • play a video game
  • workout together
  • play a board game
  • watch a Netflix movie with special popcorn(Pinterest ideas) and candy
  • {More to Come...}

Red= Free Away from Home Dates

  • Bike the Greenline
  • Kayak Patriot Lake
  • Fly Kites
  • Free Levitt Shell Concert
  • Picnic Downtown Sunset
  • Hike Shelby Farms
  • {More to come...}

Purple= Coupon Book Dates(these include all prices)

  • Eat At RAIN
  • Eat at Calabash
  • Walk around Mall and Eat at Chipotle
  • Walk around downtown and eat at Ernestine and Hazels 
  • Range USA date
  • Rock & Soul Museum
  • Otherlands Coffee and listen to music
  • Smoothie King after a hike or while (window) shopping for gifts
  • Mezcal lunch
  • Wyatt Earp steakhouse dinner
  • Nagasaki Inn

  • {More to come...}

Teal Blue= Inexpensive {away from home -No Coupon} Dates

  • Drive In
  • Drink and dessert at Tx De Brazil
  • Coffee Date at a new Coffee shop
  • laser tag
  • bowling
  • Discount Movie theater
  • Share a sonic shake, go to park to walk and talk
  • Cookie & coffee and walk around the mall
  • redbirds game & eat stadium food
  • Order take out, eat at park, Drive in, backyard, downtown sunset