Homemade Easter Baskets:

Homemade Easter Baskets

I cannot sew. And I cannot paint. I saw an idea similar to this, immediately purchased the materials at a $1 store and used fabric I had. I just knew I had to do this for our (then 4) sons baskets. 
Easter isn't about chicks, bunny, and chocolate. It's about Christ and HIStory. I wanted my boys to know what Easter really meant. Not just another holiday to get toys and candy. I still give them candy, of course. and yes, little toys. The main emphasis is on Christ. I wanted them to know the real meaning first. 
Can you see there chocolate stains? 

  • I used red edging to represent the blood Jesus shed for us.
  •  I painted the crosses purple to represent his is King of Kings(royalty) even as He died on the cross.
  •  I painted the Bible verse and names on the sides.
  • I painted an empty tomb on the inside. When the boys empty their baskets of their goodies they are reminded that the tomb is empty on Easter Sunday, also. 

I wanted to share with you what I found. I went to the Dollar Tree to kill time before the Christian bookstore opened. And much to my surprise, they had some great Christian baskets stuffers!


 I use these to put in their church bags, when they sit in service with us during the summer.
Not pictured: Christian themed playing cards~ Go Fish, Bible Memory Match, and Bible Heroes flash cards
The Dollar Tree also had some cute little games that you play around the table with your child . Or the siblings could play together. I love anything that will bring the kids together to play nicely.

Another basket stuffer that I make is a Bible Verse Memory Booklet. I got this idea form a friend of mine.  The boys memorize bible verses every week in Sunday School Class. They also put their favorite verses in there to study. It is a spiral index booklet. I printed out a bible verse, taped it to a scrapbook piece of paper, and taped in on the cover of the booklet. I love these booklets because they are easy to carry, put in their church bags, and keep by their bedside.