Children In Easter Services

 Our church provides a children's church during the year. On special holidays like Christmas and Easter the children sit in service with us. Kids can get easily bored and distracted in an adult setting so I have some great ideas to keep their attention in the service and not be distracting to those around them. 

Little ones Church Service Bag:

1. their bible

2. clipboard with Listening Sheet

3. Case of colored pencils


I made the little ones an inexpensive clip board to hold papers. I have decoupaged it with scrapbook paper. You can also use large packing tape to secure the paper to the board. I added their names to the bottom and back. 

Listening sheets:

Print out these listening sheets from Holy spirit led Homeschooling.

go HERE--->

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Colored Pencil Case:

I used a old dvd case. Used scrap of paper to design the cover. Cut paper to size and clipped to the inside. I taped and glued another scrap paer to form a pocket to hold the colored pencils.