Easter Egg Hunting and Fun:

When I was growing up, we just hid and hunted Easter eggs. Now, it seems there has to be a piece of candy or coins in all the eggs. I think this is cute, but I do not do this often. Instead, I started the other egg traditions with my kids. 

I put "He has Risen" on a strip of paper and put it in the egg then hide many eggs. Whoever finds the egg with the verse in it wins,
~ Purchase a 25 piece puzzle. Put a few pieces in each egg. Hide them and let them find them. Then when they are done playing, they can do the puzzle.
~ Write a bible verse, One word per piece of paper. Put in eggs and hide. After they find the eggs, have children work together to put the bible verse in order. 
~ Non-messy egg race- We get two teams together. Each team puts a plastic egg on a big spoon and races.
~ Resurrection Eggs- We discuss the meanings of each egg. We do not hide these. These are special eggs.

My friend, Lisa, suggested the Majestic Eggs kit from Wal-Mart. It uses baggies so it's a lot less messy. We found this to be more fun because the boys were not sitting and waiting for the eggs to dye in the vinegar mix. Sitting and waiting are not my boys strong suits. It was quick and fun to do! We even mixed eggs together for a tie-dyed look. 

However you choose to dye your eggs, have FUN! 

I cannot wait to make my clean eating Egg Salad.