Elf on the Shelf and Christmas Angel Ideas

I started this just for the fun and "magic" of Christmas. I love seeing the kids faces. And I love using the Elf and Angel to tie into our Christmas Activity Countdown.
{Scroll down to see more meaningful ideas to incorporate the Elf and Angel}

The Christmas Angel!

I'm excited to bring a fun ad new tradition this year! I put off doing an "elf" bc I wanted an angel. I caved and bought an elf last year. And then ...
I finally found what I had been looking for... The Christmas Angel! 
The boys love it! And know it's not real just fun I like to do. 
I purchased this at Family Christmas bookstore. It comes with a book about giving and a lot of what I'm trying to teach the boys.

                             Now the Elf and Angel introduce our daily Christmas countdown activities every morning together!

Our intro to Kip started at the CHRISTmas countdown breakfast tablescape. 
{the day after Thanksgiving}

Spread Hope-Peace-Love-Joy. Read story of Jesus' birth.

Make a list of what you are Giving Jesus

Make Jesus Cake

Go to Kids School Program

Make ornaments for Grandparents

Kip rocking baby Jesus
Kip doing some light reading in the Christmas book basket under the tree

 Make Dog Treats
We are making homemade doggie treats today for our neighbors! 
The Recipe is on my homemade gifts page. 

Make ornaments for friends and family

Say Merry Christmas to everyone

Give a Gift of Giving

Bible Verse Scramble

Bake Goodies!

Kip TP'd the tree

Kip checking out Christmas pins on Pinterest

Go on a Scavenger Hunt while looking at Christmas lights

Snowball Fight

Watch Bellevue's Singing Christmas Tree (online)

Santa Kid Book and Food Craft

Kip waiting to enjoy hot cocoa with us, our favorite thing to do during Christmas season afternoons.

Kip Dirt biking