Frugal snack Ideas

1. Air popped popcorn (air popper is only $10.00, great investment!)

2. Chips and salsa(maybe homemade from garden)

3. Cheese and crackers

4. PB and celery

5. PB mix on toast (mix: PB, butter and maple syrup)

6. Kiddie trail mix (you can mix any snacks together that you have just a little bit left of)

7. Apples and PB

8. Apple butter on toast

9. Honey crescent (crescents drizzled with honey)

10. Cracker pizzas: (crackers, pepperoni, moz cheese- melt)

11. Pizza cups : biscuits pressed in muffin pan, pizza sauce, moz cheese. bake til done.

12. Fresh veggies tray with dip

13. Fresh fruit tray (with choc. syrup,opt)

14. Jello and whipped cream(individuals are too expensive)

15. Pudding (individuals are too expensive)

16. Cinnamon tortillas( tortillas brushed with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. bake til crisp)

17. Homemade muffins

18. Hard boiled eggs

19.Easy nachos: tortilla chips with shredded cheese, melted

20. Banana bread