Happy Birthday Jesus Box

 *This is very simple, even for little ones to help.
~ 1 small shoe box
~ wrapping paper
~ pieces of paper
~ pencil
1. Wrap the box in wrapping. Make sure you wrap the lid separately. And put the paper and pencil inside.
2. On the top of box, or on a pretty gift tag write
 Matthew 25:40 "And Jesus answered them, "I assure you: whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for me." 

Everyday everyone goes to the box to write down what they have "given" Jesus that day. No one peeks at what the others have written!!  On Christmas morning before you open presents, mom or dad reads what everyone has given Jesus for His birthday.
What you can give Jesus:
1. I helped my brother with his homework.
2. I did my chores without being asked
3. I gave someone some food at lunch when they were hungry.
4. I gave away some of my clothes that I never wear.
5. I helped my neighbor bring in her groceries.
6. I helped mom make dinner.
* Anything you can think of that represents the bible verse!