Homemade Donuts

a few cans of biscuits(I used regular, not jumbo)
vegetable oil
powdered sugar
chocolate, melted

1. Heat oil on medium.
2. Using a small circle cookie cutter(or bottle top) , cut a center out of the biscuit.
3. Gentle lay in oil. Wait to brown, then flip with a fork or long utensil.
4. When browned on both sides remove from oil and lay on kitchen towel to drain grease.
5. Once it's cool, dip in desired topping

  • powdered sugar
  • glaze~ powdered sugar and a little milk
  • melted chocolate

Here are some pictures. Sorry that they are not great quality, My Canon is broken:(

Grab some biscuits, any will do. Homemade would be much better, though.

I quartered the biscuits to make a few extra "hole" sizes.

Remove from oil and drain on kitchen towel.

Get the powder sugar and glaze ready

Finished product! Mmmmmm

Dip it in melted chocolate!

Fry more donut rings

Jack loves chocolate, like his momma!

Luke picks up a small one, not like his momma

Oh, I wish the quality was better. This picture just does not do it justice. These are so sinfully good. 

I'm glad National Donut is only once a year!