Lunch Ideas:

Are you tired of the same things everyday for lunch? Is you school now "Peanut-Free". Here are a few ideas for something different. I try to have a variety of breads handy.

1. Egg salad sandwich( finely chopped hard boiled eggs and mayo)

2.Turkey, cheese, lettuce, bacon

3.Homemade cracker stackers( in seperate containers- whole wheat crackers, lunch meat cut into cirlces, cheese cut into circles)

4. Chicken Nachos(tortilla chips, shredded cheese, lettuce,chicken, salsa

5. Tuna salad in pitas or bread or crackers

6. Salmon and cream cheese on tortilla. roll up and cut into circles(cutting optional)

7.Bagel bread sandwiches, favorite lunchmeat

8. Square rolls with favorite topping: lunch meat, egg salad, tuna,etc...

9. Taco salad: Salad, taco meat, shredded cheese, salsa, ranch dressing

10. Apple butter with apple slices on bread

11. Nutella and marshmallow cream

12. Hot dog buns with favorite lunch meat , cheese, lettuce

13. Pinwheels: lunchmeat and cheese on bread, roll, and cut into circles

14. Puzzle sandwich: favorite sandwich, cut center with fun shape cookie cutter(I use whatever holiday is coming up)

15.Sweet grilled Cheese: cinnamon raisin bread and cheese

16.Thermos- chili, easy bef soup, chicken soup, leftover chicken, roast, etc...

17. Bean and cheese burritos(refried beans and cheese, heated, wrapped in tortilla, then foil)

18. Chicken salad: cooked, chopped chicken, sliced red grapes, almonds, mayo, salt and pepper. Serve on croissants, rolls, pitas

19. Meatball Hoagies :leftover meatballs, spaghetti sauce on hoagie bread

20. Waffle sandwich: any flavor waffle with  flavored cream cheese and sliced fruit

More ideas: