Memorable Simple Summer Ideas

Sometimes we can get so caught up in Pinterest ideas we forget to let kids just BE. Let kids be kids for the summer.  Sometimes we forget we are not our kids constant source of entertainment. They need to learn to be "bored", to imagine, to play. Kids will remember the simple family fun. They won't remember the best TV/electronics day they ever had either!

 Moms and dads, put down the electronics and go make some memories! 

Get wet-

 Play in water of any kind:

  • the creek
  • the pool
  • friends pool
  • lake
  • water hose in backyard
  • water gun fight
  • water balloon fight
  • sprinkler park
  • backyard sprinkler
  • water fun at the zoo


  • backyard campout
  • inside campout in living room on rainy day
  • reserve campsites at campgrounds near you, and go on adventures! see CAMPING page
  • Take kids to VBS at churches near you
  • backyard bonfire- roast hotdogs and s'mores for dinner

Parks and Picnics

  • find parks in your area and take picnics and play!
  • find a park to hike
  • find a park to play disc golf
  • find a park with a lake to kayak or canoe or paddle boat
  • go fishing

Family Night

  • play games as a family at the kitchen table
  • play games on a blanket out side
  • play games on the patio table outside
  • play charades around the firepit in the backyard
  • read books about summer

Outside Play

Set up:

  • volleyball net
  • tetherball stand
  • disc golf set
  • croquet
  • ladder ball
  • make your own small golf course
  • play baseball/catch
  • Frisbee
  • basketball

Family Night Out

  • movie night- at home or drive in
  • bowling
  • invite family friends for a cookout
  • Botanic gardens
  • Fair
  • Library
  • mini golf

Rainy Day Fun

  • go to movie(or discount movie theater)
  • have a movie marathon(my favs/little ones to teens favs: Max and Ruby, The Goonies, The Sandlot 1&2, Harry Potter series, Scooby Doo movies, Pirates of the Caribbean series, Narnia series, Star Wars series, Back to the Future, Bourne Series, Mission Impossible)
  • hang out at Barnes and Noble and read books
  • go to a museum
  • play in the rain(as long as no lightning!)
  • have a baking day!
  • indoor forts/campout

Instead of an "I'm Bored" Chore Jar,

 have the kids find something fun they

 can imagine to do! Alone or with