Breakfast Menu 

Sunday~ Casseroles

  1. Sausage/bacon, egg, cheese pie
  2. Sausage/bacon, egg, cheese frittata
  3. Sausage/bacon, egg, cheese crescent ring
  4. breakfast burritos
  5. Baked French Toast
  6. hashbrown casserole
  7. CROCKPOT- sausage, egg, cheese hasbrown casserole

Monday~ eggs with toast

  1. fried eggs
  2. hard boiled eggs
  3. scrambled eggs
  4. bacon and egg pie
  5. veggie egg pizza
  6. cheesy egg toast
  7. Eggs in a hole
  8. Egg basket(prosciutto in muffin tin, egg in middle/baked)
  9. Avocado and egg with toast
  10. Egg, tomato, mushroom sandwich
  11. kale, avocado egg toast
  12. Italian breakfast skillet

Tuesday~ Freezer/Rice

  1. pancakes-blueberry, chocolate chip, bacon, banana, cinnamon
  2. maple sausage pancake bake
  3. pancake bites-all flavors
  4. french toast bites
  5. Sugared Rice (rice with butter sugar and milk)
  6. Tropical Rice- rice, coconut milk, pineapple or any tropical fruits
  1. Wednesday~ oatmeal/malt-o-meal
  1. blueberry flax oatmeal
  2. apple-cinnamon oatmeal
  3. oatmeal bake
  4. brown sugar oatmeal
  5. chocolate chip oatmeal
  6. crockpot oatmeal

Thursday~ Breads/toast/Crepes

  1. banana bread
  2. chocolate chip muffins
  3. blueberry muffins
  4. lemon loaf
  5. lemon berry loaf
  6. pancake bites
  7. chocolate chip scones
  8. nutella banana bread
  9. cinnamon toast
  10. cheese toast
  11. chocolate gravy and biscuits
  12. Nutella in crepes with sliced strawberries
  13. Cream cheese and powdered sugar mix, berry sauce with crepes

Friday~ Cereal

  1. favorite cereal
  2. Big Bowl- shredded wheat, puffed wheat, flax seed, sliced almonds, sliced banana, sliced kiwi(opt), 
  3. *** cereal usually only lasts a day for us. When it's gone, it's gone.***

Saturday~ Pancakes/French Toast

  1. pancakes
  2. chocolate chip pancakes
  3. banana caramel pancakes
  4. blueberry pancakes
  5. bacon pancakes
  6. pancake bites- all flavors
  7. french toast
  8. cinnamon french toast
  9. nutella stuffed french toast
  10. french toast bites- all flavors