My Daily Schedule

This is not exact , but this is what my normal day looks like. *Revised for 2011*

MOMS SCHEDULE:Summer schedule*

*The schedule is basically the same for  school days, but morning routines are an hour earlier and earlier dinner and bedtime*

6:00 - wake, contacts, shower, dress

6:20- bible reading, devotional, coffee/tea

7:00/8- make breakfast~ Read Psalm and a Proverbs while kids eat

7:30- treadmill (right now I'm doing Couch to 5k iPhone app)

8:00- Table chores/Prep for dinner/ crockpot?

8:30- make sure kids finished morning chores~ everyone must make bed, dress, brush teeth, do morning chore

8:35- Begin Daily Chores* 

S~ Lord's Day/Rest

M~ Cleaning/Laundry Day

Tu~ Kitchen/Baking Day

W~ Office Day

Th~ Town Day

F~ Cleaning Day

S~ Family Fun Day!!

* Learning time with little ones when finished*

11:30 Prepare and eat lunch, table chores

12:00-3-  Little ones nap/ quiet time/reading time then outside time for older ones/mom-computer, exercise, craft,nap

3:00- snack time while I read a character building(teaching virtues) story

3:15- Begin afternoon chores(to be finished before daddy is home!)

3:30- outside playtime, craft, etc...

5:00- prepare dinner

6:00- Eat, go over weekly bible verse, talk about our high and lows of the day with daddy, then table chores

7:00- Family Fun hour~ TOGETHER! ~dirt biking~play ball~swim~board game~reading~adventures in Odyssey~tea on front porch~ladder ball/washers~swing~bonfire~watch favorite TV program~ weight training with 15 minutes treadmill afterwards(mom)

8:00- little ones bedtime routine~ bathe, brush teeth, read, sing, prayers

8:30- moms bedtime routine 

 My bedtime routine:

      ~ gather all laundry/start diapers      

      ~check calendar for events tomorrow 

      ~prep coffee for morning

      ~prep breakfast for morning

      ~prep lunches

      ~clean kitchen, start dishwasher

      ~lay diapers out to dry

      ~ bathe(?),wash face, PJ's, lay out clothes for tomorrow, reading- Psalm & Proverb, TV, snuggle with hubby.

*Learning time with little guys: coloring, phonics, play-doh, painting, cut and paste, baking, etc...