My Work Day Schedule 

5:30~ wake, workout clothes, water, devotional prayer time

6:00~ Eat breakfast

6:15~ morning workout~ rountine with squats, push ups, etc....

6:45~ wake Noah and Luke and Ian, get them ready for school

7:30 ~ N, L, I on bus~ Workout- MWF- Treadmill run/ TuTh- Jillian dvd*sigh*

8:00~ shower, get ready for work

8:30~ leave for work

9:00~ arrive at work, Snack 1- lean protein and complex carbo( like: apple, cashews), then work while Tot Schooling Jack

12:00~ eat lunch

3:00~ home from work- Snack 2-LP & CC

3:30~ N,L,I home from school-kids snack-homework-playtime~ I catch up on cleaning(15 minute a day) and then play with kids

5/5:30- afternoon chores for all, prepare dinner

6:00 dinner

6:30/6:45- workout with weights/15 minute treadmill

7:30 N,L,I bedtime

8:00~ start my bedtime routine

***good night for me between 10/11