Office Day

1. File papers

2. Balance checkbook

3. Pay bills

4. Schedule appointments for "Town Day"

5. Plan menu for next week

6. Write thank you notes

7. Write e-mails

8. Clean office desk

9. Do computer work/do research

10. Gather everything that we need to return on "town day" tomorrow

11. Work on home organizer

12. Work on Savings/Budget sheet

13. Organize binders for holidays/crafts

14. Review short-term savings goals(vacations, family fun outings....)

15. Prepare for tomorrow:

~ balanced check book

~ menu plan finished, grocery list  & coupons in purse

~ diaper bag packed & ready by door

~ items that need to be returned are put in van

~ cooler in van (for cold items on town day)

~ plan lunch for next day: picnic at park, crockpot meal, etc...)