Polish Soup

~1 soup bone (found at a butcher or use 4 beef bouillion cubes)
~2 cans diced tomatoes(you can use whole or fresh,diced)
~1 bunch of celery, all of it chopped, remove the end- keep the leaves.
~Pickling Spice
~1 tsp salt 
~Dumplings, egg noodles, or rice
1. In a very large stock pot, fill with water and soup bone. Simmer 1 hour.
2. Remove soup bone, add tomatoes and celery.
3  Put pickling spice in a metal tea diffuser, or a cheesecloth(golf ball size amount)
4. Simmer a few hours.(add more salt and pepper to taste)
5. Serve with dumplings, egg noodles, or rice and grilled cheese sandwiches