Resurrection Cake

  1. Make a cake mix and bake in a bundt pan.
  2. As it is baking, mix coconut with green food coloring and spread on a round cake plate.
  3. Let the cake cool after baking. Cut in half and sit on middle of cake plate, representing the "tomb".. Using the other half of cake, cut  round piece for "Stone". 
  4. Cut flowers or use jelly beans for decorating the sides of "tomb".

I make this cake the day before and put the stone in front of the tomb, like in the first picture. The next morning the stone is rolled away revealing a lone piece of cloth and the tomb is EMPTY! I will put a sign on top of the cake taped to a toothpick with the bible verse~ Matthew 28:6 "He has Risen!"

I decorated the sides with roses from my rose bush for a pretty and special touch.