Freezer Meal Planning for Kitchen Day

These are not necessarily "meals" that I prepare on Kitchen Day. My actual "Freezer Meals" are actual meals.  These are "meats, snacks, breads" that make the meal whole. I plan to make something on Kitchen Day to have extra food ready and available in the freezer so I can make a meal at the last miunte. I like to stock my freezer with foods in case we are having "just one of those days", new baby, friend needs a meal, extra kids spending the night, etc...


~ meat loves

~ meatballs

~ burgers

~ taco meat

~ fajita seasoned steak strips

~ grilled or chicken

~ shredded chicken

~ Mexican seasoned chicken


~ muffins: choco-chip, blueberry, banana, pumpkin, zucchini

~ pancakes: choco-chip, blueberry, banana, pumpkin, plain

~ Banana bread

~ Pumpkin bread

~ Ginger cookies

~ choco-chip cookies

~ oatmeal cookies

~ rolls

~ homemade breads