~Stay near home mini vacations~ 

When you are not able to take your family on a real vacation getaway you can still do mini vacations near home. Everyone needs a little break from the monotony life can be; even little ones. I like to make memories for our children. They won't exactly remember what we did, but they will remember being together as a family. Here is a list I have made of some mini getaways we plan on doing in the summertime. I thought of something fun to do as a family, then going somewhere for dinner or a cold treat. * I realize some of these are normal family fun times. Our family isn't able to do things like this all the time. Thats why I've organized the list~ to plan and save money each week for our mini getaways.

       FUN:                     FOOD:                                          

1. A Day of swimming at Grammas & PaPas                               Joe's Crabshack, and let kids play in sand and playground

2. Bowling (on discount night)                                                Bahama Breeze-eat outside(late night 1/2 price appetizers)                                                                                                                          

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3. Walk around downtown Memphis and Main St.                       Ernastine & Hazels(lunchtime)- Soul Burger

4. Zoo                                                                                  Jerry's Sno-Cones

5. Drive-In Movie                                                                                      Pizza

6. Shelby Farms                                                                          Picnic and Smoothie King

7. Discount Movies                                                                      Milano's Pizza

8. Day of Swimming                                                                    Buffalo Wild Wings

9. Big Backyard(Botanic Gardens)                                                   El Mezcal

10. Mud Island                                                                           Trolley Stop Market cafe

11. Putt-Putt Golf                                                                      Jack's Rib Shack

12. Redbirds game(sit on the green)                                             Stadium food

13. Walk around downtown Memphis/watch Beale Street Flippers    Kooky Kanucks

14. Movies                                                                                Logans Steakhouse

15. Levit Shell concert-free                                                        Picnic

16. Memphis Rock-N-Romp                                                         Free food at event

17. Sprinkler Park/Fishing                                                           Mellow Mushroom

18. Bike the Greenline                                                               Cheddars

19. Memphis Rock & Soul Museum(Free Tues.4-7)                            Hueys