Summer Fun Lists 


Oh, The Things We Will Make and Do!

  1. Ziploc Paint Bags- paint in gallon size ziplocs, taped to table, for a mess-free finger painting
  2. Fizzy Soda- pan full of baking soda, vinegar tinted with food coloring, medicine droppers for squirting vinegar on soda
  3. Tin Foil River~ unroll foil (preferrably down a slight hill), use water hose at top to start a "river". Use boats and toys to float down river.
  4. Masking Tape Race Track~ use tape to make a track along the carpet. Let the kids design their owns tracks.
  5. Glow bath~ use glowsticks in a night bath and turn our overhead lights for fun in the dark.
  6. Cloud Watching~ Make a cloud viewer with pictures of different clouds. 
  7. Sandbox dig~ bury lots of little toys in sandbox and let kids dig for the treasures.
  8. Balloon tennis~ paper plates taped to popsicle sticks as tennis rackets.
  9. Moon phases~ using oreos
  10. Play dough mats
  11. Animal of the Day~ do research on an animal. watch movies and read books about animal.

  12. Wacky Holidays~ there is a list on my CHILDRENS page
  13. Bug catching
  14. Bake something
  15. Make food necklaces~ using fruit loops, cheerios, etc...
  16. watercolor
  17. Backyard campout
  18. Ballon Characters~ Each child designs a face on a balloon and names it
  19. HotWheels Races~ Make race track with sidewalk chalk on driveway or sidewalk and race.
  20. Movie Marathon~ on a rainy day snuggle on the couch and watch a series, like scooby doo, complete with popcorn and candy.
  21. Make water Scrunchies~ cut rectangles out of sponges, tie 3 together in the middle. Use in the pool for games.
  22. Make a WaterWall~ use bottles, piping,etc...
  23. Solar System Fun~ Make solar system out of foam balls(add glow in the dark stars in room, too!), research at library, use telescope a night.
  24. Foreign Country for a Day~ research another country, make meals from that country.
  25. Obstacle course~ #1: Use crate paper in the house wrapped around things. #2: Use outside objects.
  26. Make Fossils~ Make salt dough, imprint using  toy dinosaurs/animals.
  27. Fly Kites
  28. Duct Tape Treasure Hunt~ make a bracelet with sticky side out, let kids put nature finds on the bracelet.
  29. Popsicle Stick Puzzle~Tape a few sticks together. let kids color a picture. Untape, and let them put back together. Store in a ziploc baggie.
  30. Giant Bubbles~ Poke hole in bottom of plastic cup, dip in bubble solution, kids bloow through small hole to make giant bubbles.
  31. Make handprint art. You can even send it to grandparents.
  32. Make homemade lava lamps.
  33. Birdfeeder~ pine cone spread with penaut butter, roll in birdseed. hang in tree.
  34. Play with Play -dough
  35. Have a car wash
  36. Postcards~ buy postcards on your outings. Let kids send one every week to grandparents or family out of town.
  37. Dollar Store~ Give kids a few dollar to pick out anything they want at the dollar store.
  38. Play ball~ kickball, baseball, soccer. Our family is large enough to make small teams.
  39. Make frozen treats~ banana pops, fudgesicles, pineapple ring and grape skewers, etc...
  40. Watermelon Seed spitting contest
  41. Treasure Hunt~ make a treasure map for kids. Have them go on a hunt. Make sure there is a "Treasure" at the end. Plate of cookies, ice cream sundaes, movie tickets, etc...
  42. Make a movie/video~ Seth has an awesome MacBook Pro with movie editing software.
  43. Glow in the Dark Tag~ put glowsticks on kids necks wrists and ankles and let them play freeze tag.
  44. Play board games on blanket in backyard.
  45. Side Walk Chalk games~ ABC Lily pad hop, hopscotch, body outlines, etc...
  46. Coke and Mentos experiment


OH, The Places We Will Go!

  1. Go to a New Park.
  2. Mud Island River Walk wading.
  3. Down Town fun~ trolley ride, eat at Trolley Stop Cafe, watch Beale Street flippers
  4. Sprinkler Park
  5. Bike the GreenLine
  6. Imax movie
  7. Childrens Museum
  8. Big Backyard
  9. Loretta Lynn's Dirt Bike races
  10. Memphis Zoo
  11. Bass Pro Summer Activites
  12. Redbirds game
  13. Gatlinburg camping~ Camp at Cades Cove and hike, WonderWorks fun, hike clingmans dome.
  14. Yard Sale'ing~ Give kids a baggie with change and find goodies at yard sales
  15. Ripley WaterPark during Ripley Tomato Festival.
  16. Florida Beach trip
  17. Dollar Movie
  18. Drive In movie
  19. Swim at Grammas
  20. Go to Missouri to see Family
  21. Memphis Scavenger Hunt!~ from the I Love Memphis blog
  22. Putt-Putt Family Fun night(Thursday)
  23. Memphis Rock-n-Romp
  24. Kix106 Summer Concert Series
  25. Trolley Ride downtown Memphis
  26. Lichterman Nature Center
  27. Brooke's Museum
  28. Levitt Shell concert and picnic
  29. Camping!! Shelby Forrest/ Natchez Trace/ Village Creek/ Riverside(Hardy, Ar)/Petit Jean (AR)
  30. Andy B's bowling
  31. Chucalissa
  32. Skyzone

Oh, The Services We Will Do!

  1. Pick up trash in ditch across the road
  2. Pick up trash at a park
  3. Hand out cold water bottles and pizza to homeless
  4. Take a neighbor a basket of garden goodies
  5. Surprise Daddy at lunch with  a picnic.
  6. Dirt Biking Fundraiser~ organize a fundraiser for charity(this might take longer to happen than the summer)
  7. Take a family a meal
  8. Invite friends over for dinner
  9. Basket of summer Fun~Take needy families with kids a basket of summer fun toys for their kids. water guns, water balloons, sidewalk walk chalk.
  10. Take elderly neighbor a basket of muffins and tea and flowers from garden.
  11. Random Acts of Kindness Day~ gift for mailman~ muffins for firemen~ cookies for Sheriff's station ~ homemade cards delivered to nursing home ~ flowers to elderly/terminal at hospital ~ Cookies to dads work ~ Ding Dong ditch a box of ding dongs to a neighbor ~ Cold water to homeless ~ Place flowers on flower-less graves ~ leave small gift for server at restaurant ~ pick up trash everywhere you go 

Oh, The Food We Will Eat!

Photo: Red velvet donut at Gibsons mmmm  
I love it when my brother comes in town.

( Pictured: Gibson's Red Velvet Donut)

  1. Jerry's Sno Cones
  2. Donuts at Night- Gibson's
  3. Ice Cream late night- Sonic Milkshake 1/2 price after 8pm
  4. Sonic Happy Hour Drinks
  5. Ice Cream Truck
  6. Bonfire S'Mores
  7. Trolley Stop Pizza
  8. Huey's Burgers
  9. Yogurt Mountain
  10. Schwab Soda Fountain milkshakes (on Beale)
  11. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows over bonfire.
  12. Sweets from Sweet Noshings
  13. Pizza at Mellow Mushroom
  14. Shrimp on the patio at Joes' Crab shack while kids play on playground
  15. Rock 'n' Dough Pizza co food truck

 I am pretty sure I will add ideas to this list as I have done over the years. Pinterest is full of great ideas!!