The Year Of Your Marriage

Ideas to encourage and inspire your spouse throughout the year. 

Praying Scripture:

The Year of Your Marriage- Inspiring & Encouraging your husband:
I printed out scriptures he and I can pray for encouragement with work. I also printed scriptures to encourage him in our marriage with regards to protection, finances, Grace, health, unity, and guidance.

Mirror Love Notes:

A love note for morning!! (use dry erase markers) 
I thought about printing this idea I found on Pinterest. But if you've seen my VOW Pinterest board you'll see I already have another frame idea like this. 
But I like this cute and funny idea that he can see every morning. I'll use funny sayings that are personal to us. Like: Popcorn & Mustard. Dirt bike & wrecks. River and kayak. Etc....


Great Gifts for Men all Year Long~

go to this website for some great ideas for Mens gifts

Love Notes:

leave love notes in his car, on his computer at work, bathroom mirror, etc...

go here for printables:

50 Reasons

Write or type 50 Reasons why you love your spouse. You can give for a special occasion like birthday, anniversary, Valentines. Or give for no reason at all!

Love Gift

Give a sweet gift with a tag