Town Day

Most people that live in the country have a special day they "go to town". If not they would spend a fortune in gas! Even if you live in town it would still be a good thing for you to have a "town day". You would save money and time by using this daily routine. 

1. Dinner in crockpot

2. Breakfast table chores finished before leaving

3. Pack water bottles in cooler

4. Put ice in cooler

5. Run errands efficiently: appointments, library, post office, then grocery store

6. Go over "Store Rules" BEFORE leaving van

7. While in store go over where they are expected to stand, sit,walk (too many kids walking/running all over the place is disrespectful to others!)

8. Do not eat out! Pack a picnic if you'll be out at lunch time

9. When back home~ everyone brings in bags & cooler, everyone puts cold items away, little guys eat then nap, quiet time/rest time.

10. During afternoon chore time(around 3-4:00): cut up fruits and veggies to make fruit and veggie plates, put up anything else that needs to be put away

11. Make sure Afternoon chore is done before dad comes home!   

Store Rules for Children

1. Be careful when opening the door so you do not hit the car next to you

2. When you get out of the van~ stand next to the side of the van but do not rub on it and get dirty!

3. While walking in the parking lot~hold hands with buddy or hold on to the stroller/cart. Walk youngest to oldest behind Mom. Don't get out of line. (Too many kids walking/running everyone is disrespectful to the other shoppers!)

4. Do not run ahead or at all = severe consequences!!!!!!

5. No crawling on the floor or laying under the shopping cart

6. Do not wrestle, touch or hit your brothers in any way. You can only hold hands

7. Use inside voice at ALL times. No yelling/screaming. 

8. No hiding

9. No tantrums/fits/whining/angry outbursts

10. Do not ask for anything while in the store. Mom has already made the list and asked beforehand

11. Do not touch and items or price tags

12. Do NOT talk to strangers unless Mom is there! DO not go anywhere without mom

13.SMILE :)  Game: see who can smile the whole time

14. Manners with People:

~ always smile   

~ always stop & listen

~ always look at them in the eye

~ always speak kindly, even when they are not

* We draw a lot of attention being a family of only boys that have such a similar look. People are naturally curious. Some are kind. And some have rude things to say. If they do, always smile! I tell them it's "FUN!", and a wonderful blessing from God. 

** Disobedience is dealt with at home

***Reward good behavior~ ex:piece of gum when you get to the car. Especially great behavior:~ ex: stop for an ice cream cone