Kitchen & Baking Day


* This is my basic routine. I do not always follow this because of working, school functions, etc...But, I try to work around this.


1. Put beans in crockpot( once a month)

2. Set out ground beef or chicken breast/strips to thaw( if I haven't the night before)

3. Boil a whole chicken, onion, and carrots in pot to boil(once a month)

4. Start bread to rise

5. Take inventory of freezer. Decide what you need to make to restock.

* Remember to read the Psalms & Proverbs to kids while they eat breakfast and clean up! 

6. When kids are off to school start baking( or if I'm at work I do this in the afternoon/evening after work):

6. Start Kitchen Cleaning Chores:

~ wipe stove

~ clean stove hood

~ clean top of stove

~ wipe counter and counter appliances

~ clean out fridge and top of fridge

~ clean and organize one drawer and cupboard

~ scrub sink and faucet

~ scrub brush drawer

~ dust 

~ cobwebs 

~ sweep, mop

* I do these in between cooking & baking. If kept clean, these only take a few minutes each. I put all of my baking and cooking dishes in dishwasher immediately to keep it out of the way. Or in the dirty dish tub under the sink until the dishwasher is available.

Around Lunch Time:

1. Shape bread loaves when needed

* Pull chicken out to cool and debone(once a month)

* Simmer chicken bones to make broth(")

4. Bake bread and cool, then freeze

5. Reward yourself~ go relax with warm bread and jam and a pot of tea!

Afternoon Chore Time (after quiet/rest time):

1. Turn off beans to start to cool, then freeze in individual containers.

2. Cool chicken broth, strain, freeze in individual containers.

3. Make meatloaves, meatballs, taco meat, grill chicken, etc...* I sometimes do this during the morning time if I have taken the meats out to thaw the night before.

4. Sit back with coffee or tea and a slice of bread and RELAX after a great day! 

5. Wait for the boys to get home from school. Serve the boys a fresh after school snack. I like to have the table or front porch table set cute and displayed nicely when they get home. I actually try to do this on most school days, not just baking day. (Just so they won't ransack the kitchen!) Ideas Like:

  • tiered cupcake stand or cupcakes or muffins
  • tray of honey crescents
  • Divided tray of different cut up fruits and veggies with dip in the middle
  • Platter of brownies cut into small bite size shapes drizzled with choclate syrup
  • Bowls of cookies
  • homeamde breads and jams with a pot of tea