My Frugal Menu

There are times when money is tight.  Sometimes it's most of the time. I've tried for years different ways to save money but keep the family fed; and this plan has been the best. This is also a great plan when you just don't want to cook a lot during the week.

3 Easy Steps:

1. Plan simple homemade breakfasts. Make them the same each week.

2. Plan and prepare lunches for the week on Sunday.

3. Plan two or three huge meals only for the whole week. One a meat/chicken/fish dish. One dish with beans.



B- leftover pancakes or waffles from Saturday.

L- make chicken salad/tuna salad/egg salad/ veggie salads for the week

D- Big Breakfast(eggs, biscuits and gravy, bacon, leftover pancakes)


B- Egg Dish

L- salads, sandwiches

D- Spaghetti, large veggie salad, cheesy garlic bread


B- Oatmeal dish

L- salads, sandwiches

D- leftover Spaghetti sandwiches, salad


B- Egg dish

L- salads, sandwiches

D- Beans and Cornbread


B- Rice or Oatmeal dish

L- Salads, sandwiches

D- Bean and cornbread; bean and rice burritos, bean and rice salad bowl


B- cereal or Egg dish

L- salads, sandwiches

D- Pizza


B- Pancakes(make enough for two days)

L- salad, sandwiches

D- Sandwich, salad, fruits and veggies

Snacks: fruits, veggies, homemade cookies, honey biscuits and tea, graham crackers, Pb Toast

See Breakfast Menu for ideas

See Dinner Menu for ideas

See Salads in Recipe section

Sandwich/Pita/Wrap Ideas:

1. Chicken salad

2. Tuna salad

3. Egg salad

4. Turkey Sub

5. Peanut Butter and Jelly

6. PB and Banana

7. Nutella

8. Egg and cheese sandwich

9. Roast Beef Sandwich

10. Cheese &/or veggie quesidillas

11. BLT

12. Grilled Cheese

Frugal Ideas for Huge Meals for the week(one meal for two days):

1. Chili, crackers, elbow noodles, or  fritos, cheese, sour cream ----> Frito Pie( same or add a can of mushroom soup to make it creamy and add to it)

2. Beef Veggie Soup with cornbread, salad-----> Soup again in a french bread bowl/Shepherds Pie

3.  Spaghetti, salad, bread -----> Spaghetti sandwiches

4. Roast, mashed potatoes,green beans, salad -----> Open-Face Roast Sandwiches with leftover veggies/ Shepherds Pie

5. Whole Chicken, Carrots, Rice, salad -----> Chicken and rice casserole/Chicken Enchiladas/Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole

6. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veggie, salad ----> Meatloaf sandwiches/Taco Meat

7. Tacos, lettuce,tomato, sour cream ,cheese, chips and salsa -----> Taco Salad

8. Burgers, roasted veggies, Salad -----> Burgers again/ Beef and Potato Hash/ Beef Stroganoff 

9. Any kind of soup - twice

10. Lasagna or any pasta dish, salad, bread-  twice

11. Beans and Cornbread, salad(with or without ham) -----> beans and rice/bean and rice burritos

12. 15 Bean Soup, cornbread, salad - twice

13. White Beans, cornbread, spinach salad -----> White Bean Soup and bread

14. Black Beans and Rice -----> Chipotle-Like Bowl

15. Salisbury Patties with gravy, mashed potatoes, veggie, salad ------> leftover sandwiches

{ Camp Food! My Favorite! }